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Final Realms offers many things that you will not find anywhere
else. Our world contains over 25,000 custom made rooms. Each race
has their own city and language, as well as a common language that
can be understood by all players.

Unlike other MUDS, you will not find yourself maxing out your
character within a week or two and growing bored. We do not have a
level limit that is even reachable within several years of play. You
will always be able to continue to grow and gain in power for as
long as you choose too.

Each character selects a race and guild from a vast assortment, and
will learn a different variety of abilities and spells based upon
your choice. Players may also choose to reincarnate at level 21 for
a chance to become a special race that cannot be chosen, although all
reincarnations do not go well. Players earn a title related to your
development, rank and player-elected status with the option of
hiding your title to keep your guild a secret.

Final Realms also differs from others with built in systems similar
to settings you would find on different clients for targeting, name
coloring, movement, status window and other things to close the gap
for players who have to use telnet.

Players may create, organize and expand their own groups that are
dedicated to specific purposes. There are also many existing Clans,
Groups, Houses, and Families that players can join, control and
advance in rank.

There are several hundred quests that populate Final Realms with
puzzles, mazes, keys to find and doors to unlock. Artifacts of great
power and treasures of incredible value are guarded by dragons,
demons and a vast assortment of other foul beasts. Quests come in a
variety of ways that will test your characters physical ability, your
mental prowess or a combination of both to varying degrees of
difficulty ranging from soloable, party or raid. Magical items,
spells and abilities are earned from their completion. We also
schedule and run an OMIQ (Online Mini Interactive Quest) about once
every two months. Always hugely popular with players, these quests
offer very rare and powerful items that are only obtainable by

The combat system is highly developed and balanced between melee
abilities and spells, making a fun and challenging PK environment.
Each guild has there own unique commands and spells that grow in
power as the player gains in levels and skills that are not only
trainable but are also gained free by performing abilities that
relate to them.

If your ready for a truly unique experience, or want the
competition we have to offer then login and feel free to ask anyone
for assistance. We are very newbie friendly, and you will be given a
newbie tag on creation that makes it impossible for others to harm
you until you have reached lvl 18 or exceeded 6 million experience.