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No subscription fees. No graphics. No gold farmers. Just your character, your stories, waiting to be told.

Ever watched a favorite TV show or read a great epic novel and wondered what it might be like to immerse yourself in that world, day after day, shaping the story through your actions?

Instead of being a passive observer, what if you could dive in and make a real difference in the storys evolution?

Thats what OtherSpace is all about.

Online since 1998, we offer an original-theme space opera setting in which you get the chance to create a character, lead a starship crew, build an empire, explore the galaxy, and maybe even discover ancient relics or new alien civilizations.

You can use OtherSpace to sharpen your creative thinking, hone your writing, and experiment with cause and effect!

Theres no need for an amped-up computer. You dont need a top-of-the-line graphics card. Still on dial-up? Not a problem. Were retro and we love it. All you need is a functioning imagination and a love of sci-fi.

And its absolutely free to participate. Dont get us wrong: Donations via PayPal to are appreciated and help pay the server and marketing costs, but we dont require subscription fees.

Retro gaming. Classic collaborative storytelling.

We provide old-school, around-the-Internet-campfire roleplaying opportunities. But we need you in the mix so that we can all make the most of the potential adventures.

Long for the days of interactions that didnt require raid groups, sparkly celestial ponies, and uber guilds? Want to be part of a story thats been shaped by player actions for more than a decade?

Thats cool. We want you too.

Join the saga today!