Pokemon Adventures is a roleplay focused Pokemon MUSH centered around the canon 'verse of the series. Membership is open to both trainers and pokeplayers alike and with the game currently in a playtest mode, we are open to characters of all kinds and encourage people to join, get involved, invite their friends, and help build [PAM] up and help write our storyline through roleplaying. :)

To keep things from ending up confusing, the grid is limited to a subset of Kanto from Pallet up to Cerulian with a limit of pokemon to Kanto and Johto era species for both trainers and pokeplayers. As activity improves, these will be fleshed out to accomodate.

Additional newbie liaisons will be a must in the coming weeks/months as we transition out of playtest mode and plot suggestions are welcome from all sides and avenues for such will be provided in-game.

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