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Imagine a world of fantasy, where anything is possible, and where you can be the hero that stories will speak of for ages to come. Imagine a world of dreams where fantastic races and creatures are as common as people are seen here. In this world, you have the freedom to live and die as you see fit, if you wish to fight monsters you can, if you wish to fight other players you can, and if you wish to become a fisherman, carpenter, blacksmith or one of dozens of other craftsmen you can. The only limitation is your own imagination.

Realm of the Magi is a real-time, text-based, immersive, dark & magical fantasy game world running upon LPMud's LDmud 3.2.9 driver and RotM's V2.0 mudlib. Our world features fully interactive creatures and non-player characters, a driven skill and spellcasting dice-based combat system, an assortment of player-driven classes, the ability to experience 'dragon flight', a truely, interactive PvP and PvE combat action system, a unique quest & reputation system, and hundreds of 'emotion' feelings to express!