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Multi-Play: No
Player-Kill: Restricted
Extended Race Selection
Extended Class Selection
Equipment Saved
Ansi Color
Quests Available
Character Approval Unnecessary
Roleplaying Is Encouraged
Newbie friendly
Skill & Level-Based Training System
Skill & Level-Based Equipment System
Currently Hiring Builders
Currently Hiring Coders
Clans Offered
Detailed Character Creation
World is mostly original
Large World (8,000+ rooms)
Mud is fully operational

One of the oldest MUDs around - founded 1991 - Mystic prides itself on being extremely newbie-friendly.

Our players and immortals are great people, and the community is one of the best things about Mystic.
Many, but not all, of our realms are fantasy-themed.

Players can found their own clans, and are also involved as class guildmasters. Each class has a unique set of skills or spells, and we periodically add more. There are huge areas to explore, and you'll never lack for challenges.

We allow registered player killing only. If you like it, have at it! If you don't, you're entirely safe. Not a PK fan, but want to beat on your buddies anyway? There's an arena where you can do battle at no loss of XP. We have MUD-wide team wars as well, where everyone fights and no one loses anything.

Come join an extremely newbie-friendly MUD and find adventure, friendship and mystery. Check us out today!