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A world within a world–the planet Torlall. One that existed twice but was tied together by strands of energy. Brought forth were the Elements–Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. They created many marvelous places and beings, but could not decide. So the Immortals stepped forth, to govern Magic and Science.

The "Dark Rifts" refers to what mortals believe is the nothingness. This nothingness spans between the two realms–Magic and Science. Without the Dark Rifts, Torlall would not be as it is today.

We feature 4+ cities, 9 professions/guilds, and over 65 unique areas. Professions such as PsiCorps and Martials Artists, amongst others, can be found in the realm of Science. Gracing the lands of
Magic are guilds such as the Chaos Wizards, Qanai-Katal, and Boch Larude. The wide variety of areas in each realm allows for continued progression of mortal characters. Dark Rifts also features clubs, which are social-centric groups, relating to various things. Examples of open clubs are SINISTER!, Legion, and Relic Seekers. While the clubs are mostly for fun, some do offer alternative ways of advancing your character.

There are 15 races to choose from, some found only on select realms. Examples of some races are: Avariel, Brakian, Halfling, Koa, Ssirith. Our races are diverse in their characteristics, slight
drawbacks, and advantages.

Dark Rifts is now more newbie friendly, pushing off the race and realm selection until you're either ready or level 6, whichever comes first. Each person starts on an island between the realms, which gives lots of helpful hints to assist with learning the terminology and functionality of the mud. The Isle of Muri, as it is called, also has equipment available to newer players, as well as a bank, store, advancement room, cemetery, areas to fight in, and a sneak peek at what the city views of Magic and Science look like!

DR has a dedicated group of coders and players that regularly log in. On January 11, 2007, our status officially changed from beta to live. The mud experienced a period of downtime in late 2007/early 2008, but now has a new, stable home.

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