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Are you seeking adventure and role-playing opportunities in
a high quality environment? Look no further!

Muddy Waters is a theme-based fantasy mud in the
swords-and-sorcery genre. We've been around for a few years.
The setting is medieval with an original, unique
history and mythos. When you play Muddy Waters, you'll be
part of a story, and you can add to it. Muddy Waters prides
itself on providing a fair and challenging experience in
an artistic and high quality setting. Most of all, it's fun.

Muddy Waters is based on a skill and stat system rather than
a level system, with a variety of guilds to choose from.
Characters can belong to different types of guilds. It runs
on a dedicated machine. Character creation is open, and we
have a guest account if you just want to look around.
Player killing is permitted, although not encouraged. Our
world has a day and a night. We are newbie friendly.
Use the links below to check us out, and we'll see you there!

In addition:

The history and legends of the mud are completely original.

The mud beginning is not overbearing, room descriptions are crisp and clear unlike the garbage of information that assaults you in the beginning of most muds.

It is an large mud, but not so large that it becomes unmanageable.One constantly discovers new things and is seldom intimidated or overwhelmed unless searching for it.

Although it is possible to hack n' slash to peer questing is highly suggested. Although there are easier quests that feature normal syntax-games and simple search and retrieve types the game contiues in depth towards quests created by the masters of CalTech that require travels across multiple continents and intense cogitation.

Intelligent, helpful players.

Completely free, volunteered coding.

Colorful rooms, oddly humorous NPC's and constant update by wizards.

So why? you ask, if Muddywaters is such a great mud, are we asking you to come play it?
Muddy waters was enjoying a user base of about 35+ users on average at one time but the younger generation was sucked up by the graphic boom of the 2000's period. We are also looking for more international players as it is fairly active active at peak times but can be depressingly empty at others.
The best time to meet other people is around 17:00 , 5 PM GMT-7( or US Pacific time with Daylight savings) although the world almost completely navigable alone.

It really is the most crisp, intelligent, and incredible mud out there. If you consider yourself up to a Roleplaying challenge with incredible quests and monsters of all sorts and sizes, Look no Further!