17 Jun, 2006, Tacitus wrote in the 1st comment:
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A very serious exploit was found in the Dead Souls mudlib by myself after being tipped off by Adam that his friend found an exploit in the original Dead Souls mudlib. I'm not going to release the specifics of the exploit because that would be mean but it is a very serious exploit because it is very easy to use. My advice, as is the maintainer's, is to shutdown your Dead Souls mudlibs until your Dead Souls mud is patched or dewiz all none admins.

More information can be found at Dead-Souls.net

Note: No patch has been released as of yet. See dead-souls.net for latest info.
19 Jun, 2006, Tacitus wrote in the 2nd comment:
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A path is now available.

Please visit http://dead-souls.net to upgrade ASAP.