31 May, 2015, Tijer wrote in the 1st comment:
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Tired of MUD's that promise huge changes that never materialise?
Tired of MUD's that crash non stop with un-responsive immortals?
Tired of MUD's that DON'T listen to players, on what needs changing?

Why not give Aadarian Realms a go, we are a heavily modified ROT codebase, based upon the once
popular Aadarian Codebase by Shimtis and MANY others.

We feature:
16 Races with 24 classes over 3 tiers.
101 Levels
Devote System to improve many things once you hit hero level.
Run command, that will take you to ANY connected area!
Experience Bonusses
2 Automated quest systems, to keep you entertained
Checkstat system, so you can see pretty much anything to do with your class
Storage - Store your extra EQ to save carried weight
Areas - While many are original, the rest of the world has been re-shaped to fit in with out MUD
Blacksmith Forger mob - Collect stones, make eq!
Customisable artifact system - Object that levels gaining stats to be spent on customisation of it
Crafting - Trade Skills, Leatherwork, Armorsmith, Blacksmith, Tailoring, allowing you to collect materials to create even MORE eq
Dedicated immortals, who listen to player input, and make changes based upon these. Our MUD is primarily based upon player
input, and we do what we can to get what the players want in and working!

Aadarian Realms can be found at aadaria.net port 1111 - We look forward to seeing you there!!

31 May, 2015, Ssolvarain wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Sounds interesting.

What's the focus of the game?
01 Jun, 2015, Tijer wrote in the 3rd comment:
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well its meant to be pk.. but someone previously changed it to pk optional.. we're currently going through it re-balancing, ready to make it PK focussed MUD

There's quite a lot to do on the MUD, with Crafting - collecting materials to create eq, Forging - collecting random stones to make EQ, along with Randomized EQ that you
can get from killing mobs.

We have 3 tiers, each of which has some unique skills.
We have clans under construction.
Devotes - Gain extra benefits once you hit hero level (kind of like extra levels) - extra hitroll, damroll, stats(str/int/wis/dex/con), health, magic, vitality, bonusses to skills you already have.

It's a fast paced levelling mud until you reach tier 3, so its quite easy to get into…

The MUD was originally created in 1996, and has been passed through many peoples hands until it came into mine last year, and since that time we've made the place stable, more balanced, and
given players even more to do…. We have lots more in the pipeline… :)

So yeah, coming from myself, who was heavily into running godwars muds, running a ROT is a bit of a difference for me.. but so far im enjoying it more, and we get a larger player base than any
GodWars based mud does now! :)