20 May, 2015, Arimadios wrote in the 1st comment:
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Simplicity, Ease of Access, and most of all, dang good fun.

Daedal Macabre has existed for years, starting out as Rodhead. (We're aware of the joke. :grinning: ) From simple Diku/Rom based game into an arena of spectacle and fun.

We have several features that other muds just don't have and can't compare with. Trust me, I've checked.

We have -REAL- dragons. I'm not talking pick it and omg you're a dragon. I'm talking play as a dragon, from hatchling to great wyrm, maturing, becoming able to eat lesser enemies for snacks, literally, breath fire, poison, lightning you name it, they breathe it. It does take time to do it, but trust me, You'll love the results.

We have Remorts. Everyone has remorts? Do they have Remorts that Mature? Remorts of every Alignment? Treants, Liches, Devas, Succubi/Inccubi, Phoenixes, and even ELDER version of all of our ONE HUNDRED plus base races? Didn't think so. Not everyone has them, but they're medium difficulty to get. We even have driders.

Classes, you say? Why yes, we have them. Psions, Wizards, Necromancers, Bards, Fighters, Rangers, Paladins, thieves assassins…. We have alll those staples. We also have Monks. No, not just your average 'i'm not a good fighter but i punch things' monks. We have Monks who can become punch flurrying, ninja flipping, nerve striking death machines, or those of the quivering palm, able to disintegrate your atoms, and even now, we have monks able to take a stance like a mystical creature - and turn their very environment into a weapon.

Yes. You read that correctly, and correctly assumed "Jackie Chan Monk!?" - It's real, in Daedal Macabre.

All of this is great, and it's what you've come to expect from a -GREAT- mud. But what makes us unique? What makes us special?

The simple answer is You. You can customize almost -everything- in the game.

Your Toast Message on a successful PK? Customizable.
Your room Entrance? Customizable.
Recall message? Yup.
Weapon names? That too.
Spell names? Uh huh.
HOMES?! For a large price.
What else can you change? Your Race. Your alignment. Your very -GEAR- Is customizable.

Of course gear is customization, you say. It's just the matter of loading it! Not at DM.

In DM We FORGE our gear. With player Merchants, or, for the desperate, NPC Merchants. We make our gear from materials we farm or buy and turn it into customized, beautiful works of art that allow us to slaughter in style.

We also feature Banks, Accounts (For one password access to all your toons.) And we also have saved equipment, no need to rent.

So come on in. Play Daedal Macabre for the Dragons, for the sick customization, for the awesome new people you meet. Then Unlock the Tabaxi. Then The Gith. Then stay for the friends. And the fun. And the PVP.