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Alter Aeon is a well established MUD with a long history. It is set in a world of magic and dragons, with regular updates and system-wide events. The game is blind friendly for the visually impaired.

Here's a list of changes since our December posting:

New and updated areas:

- The Bonechewer Gnoll camp, a total level 130 group area in the wastelands west of Elborat, built by Valront and Corallon.

- The Ash Desert Astral Codex, a total level 130 area near the northern edge of the Ash Desert. Area built by Draak.

- The city of Dorna, a level 35 area west of Elborat. This area was built by Tanthas.

- The Fire Swamps, a total level 115 group area on the Trollway near Dikeman's Atoll. Area built by Kagome.

There have also been a lot of updates and improvements to the island of Archais, including new microareas, questlines, and better organization to make it easier to find things.

Server code updates:

- Lots of druid updates: 8 new spells and skills, including a new tincture, new called animals, new carving options, and two very high level starcatcher spells. Druids also saw a lot of quality of life fixes such as minion updates, brewing improvements, and new 'gather' command options.

- Clerics got improved holy weapons, a new 'revocation' curse, and a cursebreaking ability to uncurse items.

- Necromancers now have some very powerful disenchanting skills, allowing them to remove effects from items. They also received the ability to shatter soulstones.

- New warrior skills included a low level knockback effect, a high level 'reinforce armor' skill, and a 'shield block' skill to work in tandem with the parry defensive skill.

Not including the above, there were minor updates to skills in all the classes, along with improvements to bottling, the check commands, lock picking, and more. For the full server changelog, please see:


We hope to see you there!

Alter Aeon MUD