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Luminari MUD is a deep, engaging game set in the world of the Luminari - A place where magic is entwined with the fabric of reality and the forces of evil and destruction are rising from a long slumber to again wreak havoc on the realm.

Full background story here: http://www.luminarimud.com/luminari/

The gameplay of Luminari MUD will be familiar to anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or any other of the many RPG systems based on the d20 ruleset.

Where we are at in developement:
We have been in active development for 3 years. We have two active coders (Ornir and Zusuk) and a head builder (Treyorn). We are really proud of what we have accomplished so far and even though we have not actively recruited any players, we have had great feedback so far and we maintain a very small but active player base. Including myself, the three developers are located in US, Norway and Israel so we have activity on the MUD for most of every day.

The MUD features a 4+ million room world map that zones are connected to. The world will be released in 5 different territories, each with a "Main Quest" that will take a player through the main areas and leaving other areas to be explored. The first territory is live and all zones connected to it are original. Currently players have access to stock zones through a teleporter object during testing phases. This will be removed once we are out of testing phases.

The codebase is LuminariMUD, based off tbaMUD, based off CircleMUD.

For builders we have OLC(Online Creation) which features DG Scripts(a more complex version of MobProgs) which enable the builder to really make their area come alive. We also have a builder tutorial zone that goes over all the OLC commands.

What we are looking for:

Experienced and Non-experienced builders with some creativity. That is all it takes to build, seriously. We are willing to help teach anyone to build as long as they come with some creativity and willingness to try it out. We have active builders and coders online that are willing to answer any questions and guide you through getting started.

There is a lot of lore written for our game so far and that can all be read here: http://www.luminarimud.com/gameplay/

We are not necessarily looking for your zones to fit within the lore, but it has to be fantasy based. We also recommend playing the MUD for a bit to see if it would be a good fit or not.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the MUD.
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Contact Treyorn, Ornir (me) or Zusuk in game.