16 May, 2014, jeli wrote in the 1st comment:
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So trying to teach myself LoP Mud (Smaug deriv) and just trying to get a feel for how the OLC works. When I change an object in the game I'm doing the following:

oset objectname flags prototype
oset objectname whatever_changes
oset objectname flags prototype
aassign none
foldarea areaname.are

Then the item is updated across the board and resets just fine with the updated adjustment, but if I reboot/hotboot the mud the changes revert. How do I make them stick?

18 May, 2014, jeli wrote in the 2nd comment:
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18 May, 2014, Ssolvarain wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Did you save the area after making changes to the object?
18 May, 2014, Sharmair wrote in the 4th comment:
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OK, though you don't give a lot of info. Assuming the codebase does not have bugs with this I would say if
the changes don't take, you are not writing the changes to the file the MUD is loading. When you foldarea
does it tell you the area is saved? Is this an installed area that is saved in the area dir and that same filename
is in the area list? (I have seen issues where using savearea on an installed area writes the file to the building
dir, there might be a related issue with foldarea with proto areas). Is the object you are editing actually in
the area you are saving? Though you imply the object does load, but not with changes, just in case the
object does not load at all, does the high/low object vnum range of the area include the vnum of the object?
There could be other issues, but I would check these, and you can see if the change is in the file by directly
looking at the area file.
18 May, 2014, jeli wrote in the 5th comment:
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It's a codebase without bugs, LOP 1.44 (http://smaugmuds.org/index.php?a=files&a...).

When I foldarea I am using the pre-installed darkhaven.are file and yes it is saved in the area directory and in area.lst

The object I am editing is definitely in the area and yes the vnum of the object is in the areas high/lo vnum range.

I'm not familiar with the OLC used in SMAUG based muds (used to ROM, Circle, DoT & CoffeeMUD, which all use a menu driven OLC and have simple saving commands).
22 May, 2014, Nathan wrote in the 6th comment:
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It's worth noting that almost any code of any significant size cannot possibly be bug free, although it might certainly be free of obvious, easily avoided bugs.

From reading this -> http://www.realmsofdespair.com/smaug/her... I assume you are intending to set the prototype flag on an object, modify the object, reset the flag (i.e. 'clear' it), then save the area to preserve the changes to the object.

Reading this might be helpful -> http://www.realmsofdespair.com/smaug/her..., although presumably you are aware of the procedure given that you know to use aasign and foldarea.

Quoting from the page immediately above:

It is usually a good idea to use foldarea twice, once to save the file and a second time to overwrite the backup file.

Maybe that might make a difference? I can't see the messages you get, so I assume you assigned the area to yourself beforehand? Do you have two copies of the item (created before change, created after change) to verify that this worked 'across the board' as you say it is? Can you tell that you successfully set the prototype flag?
30 May, 2014, Oliver wrote in the 7th comment:
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Not sure about LoP but I think you're looking for:

asave world