11 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 1st comment:
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So I had originally wished to use the smaug codebase as I was familiar with it from a player standpoint. However as I am looking at different smaug options I figured I would throw out to the community what I am after and perhaps I should be using a different codebase.

My mud idea needs a couple things…

1) *nix compatible
2) Stable codebase (would love one that is maintained currently and stock compiles without errors and as few warnings as possible)
3) Weather system
4) Allowing Races & Classes to be chosen by the player during creation
5) C / C++ written
6) Enough documentation to be able to write for the codebase.

smaug does this for the most part but I did want to throw this out there in case another option shows up that this community is aware of. ddg searching brings up some however many I have found are unmaintained or dead withen the last 8 years. My goal is to provide a quality mud and though that means spending plenty of time rewriting code to fit my needs I would love to have info on some codebases you all find worth looking at. Thanks again.
11 Mar, 2014, Skol wrote in the 2nd comment:
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You might also look at the 'RaM' Fire set, I think Davion & crew were playing with that.
Basically it's RoM but updated/modified to be bugfree and up-to-date.
Any of the Diku line should have your requirements in line.
11 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Yea in the end I did go with smaugfuss. I get bent on warnings in code and seeing that it compiled without warnings and it is still the smaug system I love I've started rewriting it at this point and hope it works out for the best… I'm sure I can always ask if I find a bug or break something.
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