27 Jan, 2013, gauden wrote in the 1st comment:
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I've a curious case…

I try change the name of my mud's skill, but if I do that, the mudh crash.


Sn: 80 Slot: 0 Skill: 'kick '
Saves: none
Type: Skill Target: offensive Minpos: 7 Mana: 0 Beats: 8
Flags: 0 Guild: 0 Code: do_kick
Dammsg: kick
Wearoff: !Kick!
Teachers: 32012 32011 412 907 16 116 1111 1080 1111
guild: Combat Align: 0 lvl: 1

Log: Gauden: ss kick dammsg patada

Log: Gauden: ss kick wearoff !patada!

Log: Gauden: ss kick name patada

Log: Gauden: ss save skill table
Saving skill table…

You feel a great disturbance in the Force.

The ether swirls in chaos.
Suddenly, you remember nothing as the Force continues into the Galaxy.

You appear in a swirl of the Force!
Log: Hotboot recovery complete.
Log: SWFotE ready on port 3232.

If some player uses this skill while is fighting, the mud crash.

However, if I make a new skill patada with the code do_kick, the new skill don't crash the mud, and cause damage, as original skill kick. but if I do it, the percent of the new skill doesnt goes up.