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Excuse my grammer and punctuation, I'm in need of a few dedicated coders to help overhaul a codebase derived from one i created years ago. I've got tons of projects and the workload is more than I myself can handle alone. It needs major debugging which I am slowly doing, I'm also trying to implement a mapping system based off of sectortypes, and switch from standard room descriptions, the base code is smaug1.4a, it was turned to dbsaga, which i turned into dbtff, and now the last derived version is dbzl. Dont think this is a dbz mud only because i dislike having one particular theme, I am going for more of a kingdom hearts anime style mud that heavily involves space travel into other universes. My main thing on that note would be to redo ships to be easier for the newbie player to pilot, simple commands and somewhere down the line implement a dog fight system for star wars style space battles. I have builders working on select themes, at the moment we are at a freeze on area developement due to the mapping system being put in place. So far the only themes we have had interest taken in is resident evil, zelda, megaman, final fantasy and dragonball, i've also heard bleach mentioned a few times. I can code some, im not great at it but i can hold my own most times, but there are certain things i need done that are beyond my skill and would greatly appreciate the help.

Here is a list of projects starting with the ones i've mentioned already:

*Ship Controls Revamp
*Dogfighting in space
*Revamp current mapping system
*Balance the Fighting system for each race so certain races of each theme have advantages over other races
*Make better use of the Race and Class selection, also adding a function for what races will be available based on what anime/game/fantasy theme the player chooses.
*Materia functioning like it did on the FF7 series
*Revamp of the current spells/magic system
*Revamp of the current weapons/projectile system
*Add portable storage for objects/rooms/mobiles for players, allows them to carry their house/items/vehicles with them (dragonball and also pokemon if added)
*Revamp the mob taming system that I beleive I added the snippet for years ago
*Revamp the current Clans/Guild/Order system to have more features, at the moment they are quite dull.
*Add more types of classes, not everyone is a fighter, or mage or warrior, maybe some want to be a farmer, alchemist, merchant, or a scientist as well. Which in terms for me and the others making this happen would lead to more features to be added.
*Add in Crafting systems for certain classes, merchants to create items, weapons and armor. Scientists to take current items and enhance them to make them better. Farmers to grow food and raise livestock to be used for clothing and food. Alchemist to create potions from plants and herbs to cause temporary or permanent affects on the players. All of this links together so each player cannot advance in their class without the help of others.
*Revamp the experience system, not all players will have a powerlevel, or a level, some will have a certain amount of skill at what they do and this all has to revolve around each other, and no players that choose dragonball will not be all powerful.

The list of projects is alot larger, but i figured a small list of what i have in mind would help to intrigue interest. I hope any coder that wants to help realizes this code base is gonna be OpenSource because I dont mind helping other muds, I'm not out to be the best and it also helps to cut down hacking to steal the codebase. At the moment the name implies strictly dragonball, but the name will be changing to Endless Universe OpenSource Project as it is multi-themed and the name shouldn't state otherwise.

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