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Welcome to:


The mud that just won't die, yes this is the same mud that
started some time ago with the hopes of developing into
something players would enjoy and still aspires to do so but
unfortunately I do not have the developed skill needed to
code on a C++ mud and this ported version of SWR 2.0 is
indeed in C++ instead of normal C. I am in need of someone
who is familiar with the SWR 2.0 codebase and C++ in order
to continue developing the mud further. I am of course
unable to pay anything to this person so I am asking that
someone donate their time and they will be considered a full
partner in this endeavor to create a world for players to
enjoy. A lot of the game mechanics that I wish to have are
already in place, although I wish to change the way the mud handles
planets entirely. Here are my ideas;

1. ASCII overworld map of planets randomly generated using
different biomes.

2. Player built cities similarly to Empiremud

3. Alien ship AIs that will attack randomly based on where
you are in space what system and whether it is controlled by
players or alien AI.

4. Alien raids on planets, this is already somewhat coded
but it would have to be re-coded to handle the ASCII mapping
not to mention have a physical ship land on the surface of
the planet allowing the spawning of alien mobs to a certain
degree so that players have to actually find the ship and
destroy it or capture it and dismantle it.

5. Fleet wars, players control massive fleets of ships both
AI and player controlled alike. Enormous motherships
building AI controlled ships to combat the growing alien

6. Resourcing, asteroid belts are more then just rocks now
but flying mineral deposits! Send out your AI resourcers and
players in their resource collectors to mine those precious
minerals for the war effort but don't expect to get away
with not paying a player for his effort.

Copy/Pasted from TMC post

Hopefully I will get a response in the future though I am not going to hold my breath coders with spare time are far an few in between and I know that being an admin and unable to contribute anything to the coding aspect of the mud is somewhat of a turn around for a lot of people where they simply walk away and stop reading but if you have read this far then I must tell you that I do have some crew members already they simply haven't the time needed to put forth the effort of killing bugs and furthering the development of the mud like one of my previous coders. It isn't that they don't want to but time constraints make it difficult it seems, one coder is working heavilly on a ASCII overworld mapping for planets while the other has had little time to familiarize himself with the code nor the time to really log in much because of RL and I don't blame him one bit but despite this I am in need of a coder that has the time to donate to the mud and the know how to help further its development. Please if you enjoy Sci-fi mu*s then perhaps this would be a good place to start? We have a small but dedicated player base that loves Planets but without further development this mud will eventually shut its doors like a lot of others have done and I would truly hate to see that happen. I have dreamed of running a mud not necessarily a successful popular mud but a mud with players that love playing the game and that will hopefully bring more people in to play.

contact info:
Skype: colormeblind25
yahoo: color_me_blind19@yahoo.com
gmail: colormeblind22@gmail.com

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Hello people we are actually doing much better now we have the staff needed and our primary project is under way we are actually going to be getting away from SWR 2.0 so I'm keeping a classic version of SWR 2.0 up and attempting to squash some crashy bugs that were not fixed. If anyone with C++ coding abilities wishes to take the reigns of the SWR 2.0 classic project I would be more then happy to give creative control over the mud. One less step to being able to run a mud, I'll even give direct access to the shell as long as our primary project folder remains untampered with. The new codebase we are going to be using has the ASCII mapping already implemented thus the reason for the change over and the SWR 2.0 code is being somewhat cannibalized for certain game features like space travel and what not but other then that the mud outward appearance will not be the same as before.