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The year is 2654.

In the Ancient Expanse, tensions grow as hostilities increase between the Hekayti and Lotorian colonists over a contested planet known as "New Lotor."

The strife between these former allies is just the first rip in the seams of the alliance known as the Multiverse Commonwealth. Other member races, such as the B'hiri and Lyiri, are distancing themselves from the organization. Safer to stand alone, they reason, than rely on the increasingly belligerent Hekayti.

Meanwhile, other empires within the Ancient Expanse and beyond the multiverse rifts grow in power. Some recognize the potential of harnessing powerful Kamir artifacts that might be gathered from throughout the Expanse.

If the Commonwealth falls, it may become one bloody free-for-all that spans all possible - and maybe even some impossible - realities.

Pick a side. Fight for good, evil, or shades of gray and make your mark on a story that's been evolving since 1998. Or stake your own ground, build a mighty empire, and shape something entirely new.

Join the saga.

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