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Draongball Z: Opensource G.C.E (Group Code Effort)

I posted on my previous post about this, but I've decided to run an opensource codebase that is uploaded weekly to all codebase download sites, and also available on the website itself. There will be no point of applying for the job with intentions to steal the code or sabotage it, as it will be made publicly available.

We are seeking coders and builders, Contact me here or log in to the mud and leave a note on the boards to get an interview set up.


Coders (Newbie Friendly, but postponing newbie coders)

-Must be able to right new code and not just modify whats there already.
-The Codebase is a Highly Modified version of DBSC 2.5.2.
-Knowledge of C/C++/XML
-Able to Teach if Required, Not myself, but others willing to learn.

{Head Coder}
All Requirements above plus:
-At least 5+ Years Experience
-Perform Debugging
-Perform Code Cleanup, is a little messy.
-Create XML tables/databases

Builders (Newbie Friendly)

{New Builders}
-Experience not necessary, but is a plus.
-I Can Teach Building.

{Head Builder}
-Requires at least 4 examples of your work.
-Must be able to write descriptions without referring to the player too often.
-Write descriptions for items, mobs, and rooms, over 7 lines.
-Able to debug mob, obj, and room progs for lower level builders.
-Must Be able to Teach.