03 Oct, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 1st comment:
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The public release for the d20mud codebase is now available.

You can download it at http://www.d20mud.com/download-codebase

This is an unsupported version and documentation is in very short supply currently. Any support will come from the community and myself as I have time, with questions to be posted at http://www.d20mud.com/community-forums if you are seeking help from me. I will not respond to emails sent to me asking how to do this or that on the mud, including set up instructions. However if you posty on the previously linked forums, I may answer there.

The codebase includes the latest developments for the d20mud dragonlance mud, as well as the forgotten realms and dragonlance worlds. The default world for the mud is forgotten realms.

An overview of features is as follows:
-True d20 System Rules
-auto experience rewards for role playing
-detailed, clean-looking score sheet
-mentor system allowing you to group with any level
-optional pvp system
-ascii automap in room descriptions
-crafting system allowing you to create your own gear with custom stats and descriptions
-traditional, diku-style pulse based combat
-MSDP & MXP enabled code
-pet system allowing for mounts, pets and companions that can tank for you and offer additional attacks each round.
-multiclassing system
-menu based levelling process
-d20 feat, skill and spell/force power systems
-mob bounties awarding exp, credits and quest points
-coded quests, some of which offer unique storylines
-guild system in the works, for additional benefits based on your guild and guild level
-clans with clan ranks, banks, clan mail, clan channel, and clan lists showing online and all members ordered by rank.
-spell memorization system for memorization based classes
-multiclassed spell lists
-spell slots for slot based classes like sorcerers
-All of the base classes from the d20 SRD plus favored soul
-over a dozen prestige classes with more to come, including weapon master, dragon rider and dragon disciple
-animal companions, wild shape, pets and more
-epic feats and epic spells, including dragon knight
-deity system

You may also use our MUSHClient GUI and/or MUDLet GUI and modify them to your liking, downloadable from our main page at http://www.d20mud.com/

If you come across any bugs and fix them I would be very interested in knowing what they are and what you did to fix them. Email is fine in that case, or forum post at the above link, either one.

If anyone is interested in joining the codebase project, in maintaining and improving it, please let me know.

Thanks all, Enjoy,