03 Jun, 2012, Koumintang wrote in the 1st comment:
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Star Wars Rebellion Uprising seeks a staff of builders to help get the mud off the ground. This game was a project of mine that I got started on long ago, and ran out of time for it. Now that I have more free time in my schedule i wish to get the project going again. The mud takes place in 19 BBY and will be a player driven timeline. Right now the game is open for player testing, but I am looking for Immortals to work as my staff. I am mainly looking for builders for various planets, and ship builders. If any experienced coders are in the mix I will glady take applications from them as well. All applications can be filled out on the mud's website: koumyserver.servegame.com
You can also feel free to stop by the mud to check things out. Just remember the mud will be going over some major building overhauls.
06 Jun, 2012, Igabod wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Which codebase are you using? What is it that will set this mud apart from all the others using the base you chose? I'm tired of seeing stock swr muds that just have the areas redone with no unique features. If this is one of those then I'm not gonna even waste my time.