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While not officially open yet, in preparation of such, the old RP notes have been cleared out and we have officially begun canon RP. We are also in the process of fleshing out the opening story and events that will follow, all gearing up toward opening day that we are eyeballing for toward the end of the summer. Little tidbits of information toward the opening upcoming events will begin to be posted along with probable mini-events leading toward that. Keep special attention to anything posted by "Mognet", our system for informative public posts or general knowledge that will be instrumental in moving forward different stories and plotlines.

Additionally, a sample of our extensive timeline of events mapping out and tying together both events from the game and previous roleplay and MUD background dating back years has also been provided to help further reference and flesh out character backgrounds and ties to the events from many of the games in our theme.

This is the perfect time to come in and seek to establish yourself within the roleplay game world and in no time, be considered one of the "oldbies" or originals that helped shape the early part of the roleplay world. We have finally managed to get stable leadership of the primary big three clans and they will, particularly, be seeking other high level positions to fill.


eotmud.com:4000 (or 23)

More information:

TLDR Version: End of Time is a Final Fantasy based ROM MUD that doesn't require previous knowledge of Final Fantasy to enjoy and understand. We boast numerous unique features including a deep magic and combat system, team attacks, an ANSI world map, racial templates including Vampires and Werewolves, detailed character creation and much more! The game has been in development for YEARS and is getting near to opening and this is the perfect time to jump on board!

Full Version:
End of Time is a predominately Final Fantasy based MUD with heavy influence from the Chrono series. It was built ontop of the ROM Codebase, but has progressed far beyond anything resembling stock.

While we are a 'themed' MUD, previous experience with Final Fantasy is NOT necessary to play, enjoy, and understand the game. Our areas, races, and classes are based on the worlds in our theme, but woven together for an original, if not "inspired" experience.

We boast numerous ORIGINAL features UNIQUE to our game, many of which written by a coder who has gone on to release numerous snippets that can be seen in dozens of MUDs, including some of the most popular Final Fantasy MUDs. Some of these include the ability to create custom skills known as "limit breaks" whose usage bar increases under circumstances YOU decide, with affects and messaging decided by YOU. Our magic system has seen a complete rewrite, with the ability to modify, retarget, cancel, combine and other things to spells while they are being cast. Our combat system, while round based, has been broken out of the traditional timed rounds and its timing is based on your stats.

Our game offers several other features, including random battles in the vein of console RPGs, team attacks that groups can perform in the vein of the Chrono series, elemental alignments for players and rooms, experience points for skill use, class promotion (nearly ready to be opened) that allows you to pick the class direction your character will progress through, detailed character customization that allows you to set what your character looks like in creation, racial templates that "overlay" your current race (includes Vampires, Werewolves, and many more), and much more!

Numerous "annoying" aspects of stock ROM gameplay have also been elminated, such as the need for food/water is gone, the need for lights has also met it's end, along with things like movement points and "lag" time for skill use, which has been replaced with a much friendlier "wait time" that allows you to do most of your normal commands within the MUD and just regulates (mostly) skill use and combat commands.

Our world has areas mostly based out of Final Fantasy, but are arranged and developed in a way that is original to our game. Familiarity with the games is not necessary, or in some respects even helpful, so there is NO entry level barrier to people not familiar with the theme. For those who aren't, you can expect a predominately Fantasy setting, with elements of low technology, mythological elements, and political intrigue all mixed together. Indeed, any "events" from any of the games comprising our history date back at least 30 years prior to the current in-game timeline, and so most of the story and roleplay will have little to do with events from the game, they are simply backstory. There are NO PC versions of characters from the games to contend with, as we are driving for originality in our stories, just in the themed setting we have crafted. At of this post, there are over 105 areas completed, most of which are currently accessible as well. The world and clan systems are all setup for a large playerbase, which we hope to someday achieve.

We have been development for literally YEARS, with elements of the story and roleplay dating back two MUDs and 12 years prior. The codebase itself, originally a side project for a friend of mine, myself, and another friend, was transformed into a Final Fantasy based MUD after the one we had been playing for a while was going to be shut down. This was the birth of Cleft of Dimension in 2001. A few years later, as one of the original founders of CoD, me and a handful of other Admins split from CoD and converted the codebase into End of Time, while CoD continued to run in its own, unaltered state. Development was spotty for a couple of years with sporadic coders, but EoT has been up consistently and in development since I took over as coder in 2005. A lot of time and work has gone into crafting a completely non-stock world, with tons of things in the code re-written from scratch or very heavily modified. We are getting tantalizingly close to finally opening and I am hoping to draw in some players to start filling in key immortal and player roles alike. Leaders for 2 of the 3 major government clans have been filled, but otherwise many of the top positions within them are open. There is a very small immortal staff now, with plenty of room for more. This is a really well crafted game whose potential now rests in the hands of the players, and wish a solid playerbase, I have little doubt it will soar to great heights. Things are pretty quiet at the moment, but I'm hoping to start drumming up more of a public interest before listing the game and officially opening. Consider giving End of Time a try!


Since we aren't listed, I thought I would take a moment to clarify what would be on our listing in the stat box to the right, and to clarify certain elements so that people who might be considering coming to play has a better idea of some other things they can expect.

Location: USA
Primary Language: English
Minimum Players: Under 10
Multi-Play: No
Player-Kill: Restricted*1
Extended Race Selection*2
Extended Class Selection*3
Equipment Saved
Quests Available*4
Character Approval Unnecessary
Ansi Color
Roleplaying Is Encouraged
Skill & Level-Based Training System*5
Skill & Level-Based Equipment System
Clans Offered*6
World is all original
Large World (8,000+ rooms)*7
Non Adult-Oriented*8
Mud is fully operational

*1: Player Killing is generally an opt-in only system, as all players begin the game "PK Safe." At any point, a player may "removepksafe <password>" in order to remove this protection, and only players who have done this may kill one another. There is no level limitation on player killing, but roleplay justification (along with a note written on the RP board about the altercation) is necessary. In the case of particularly aggressive roleplay, another player may request the removal of another character's PK Safe, although this is entirely up to the discretion of the staff.

*2: There are 9 basic races that may be selected at creation, each of which has different starting stats and each have unique skills gained every 20 levels, starting at level 1.

1) Human: Most balanced, standard, and common race
2) Beast: A "Monster" race, any typical random monster
3) Cetra: Highly Magical beings, also known as Half Espers
4) Reptite: Bipedal reptilian race of high intellect
5) Dwarf: Short, stout, strong and intelligent
6) Guado: Agile and graceful creatues with elongated ears and fingers
7) Moogle: Small, white, and furry with wings and a unique language
8) Robot: Large, strong, and stocky machines
9) Ronso: A blue, sasquatch-like race with feline faces

There are also numerous "Racial Templates" that may be obtained as well. Humans, for example, each have a racial template that may be selected at creation depending on their hometown. Racial templates apply ontop of the already existing races to modify them, but some characteristics (and already gained racial skills) of the original race remain as well. In addition to the Human templates of Mutate, Al-Bhed and Lunarian, there are also Vampires, Lycanthropes, Unsent (our version of Undead) and Black Moogles (an aggressive, less cuddly version of Moogles). There are also temporary racial templates brought on by spell affects, such as Zombie and Imp. Once a player has contracted a racial template (the Human and Moogle templates aside, which are created as such), any further skills gained from that point on are replaced by the template skills.

*3: Players begin the game with the options of Fighter, Thief, Knight and Mage. The four options are generally what you would expect, although it is important to note that Fighters are almost exclusively NO magic, while Thieves get minimal. Mages, obviously, are the primary magic users, with Knights combining a lesser arsenal of magic usage with a balance of mostly defensive combat skills.

At level 50, however, each class may "promote" to an upgrades version of their class, with three options. The options are broken down into "light, neutral & dark" options. Fighters may upgrade to Monks, Advanced Fighters, or Samurai. Thieves may upgrade to Pirate, Advanced Thief, or Assassin. Knights may upgrade to Paladin, Advanced Knight, or Dark Knight. Mages may upgrade to White Wizard, Advanced Mage, or Black Wizard. At level 80, there will be another promotion, with each light and dark class having a further light and dark option, while the "Advanced" version of a class may pass on to the "Master" version of their class.

*4: While lacking a "Questmaster" type of automated quests, there are numerous hand written quests scattered throughout the game, along with Staff ran quest events as well. A playable "storyline" spanning the entire game is also in the works.

*5: Most of the skills are learned by meeting the required level and finding the teacher for it, but many skills are based on how well you know other skills. For example, in order to learn the 2nd tier red spell combustion, you must max the 1st tier fireball to 100%, upon which combustion will automatically be learned at 60% (and must be raised through use from this point). Learning both backstab and sneak to 100% will allow you to automatically learn "shadow step" at 60%, a skill that will allow to begin a backstab attack from an adjacent room. All of our elemental magic uses this system, and can go up to 4 tiers, while several other skills employ this method of learning new skills as well.

*6: Clans are offered, and at start of game there are three big, player-ran Governments that are the major powers of the world. Once these are filled out a bit, applications will be taken for new clans. Clans are structured with a maximum possible of 5 divisions with 10 ranks each, with an unlimited number of people that can fill any position. There are different classification of clans, which carry different benefits.

*7: All total (as of this writing) the MUD has a total of 22271 rooms, however, 13744 of those are "wilderness" areas, so for the purposes of this stat, I included "described" rooms instead, which total over 8500 rooms in over 105 completed areas.

*8: The content within the game, while I wouldn't entirely call it "child friendly" is certainly not adult oriented. We are striving for a PG-13 level experience with game content and staff supported roleplay and events. We encourage the players to keep their content within such a PG-13 level, but generally don't police it as such. Excessive cursing or otherwise "offensive" language or actions on public channels or in heavily trafficked public areas is actively discouraged.
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Congrats, HK.
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Thanks, getting closer and closer to being fully open :D
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Good to hear Hades. I will have to check you guys out, if I can peel myself away from working on my own MUD for long enough. Sounds like it will be quite the MUD when it opens… wish you all the best!