21 May, 2012, MangledMe wrote in the 1st comment:
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Over the past year I have been porting to ruby an old version of TinyMUD. I'm going to put the code up on GitHub soon but wanted to host a small "party" in it. If anyone is interested in coming along (for fun and to play in this old MUD) then e-mail (or PM) me back (hopefully I set up my preferences properly!) and I will send you the full details (server/port or http based console address). I have coded a new starting world and also some bots to liven things up. The "party" will be at 9pm GMT on Saturday the 26th May.


- MangledMe

Note: I'm also considering porting some other MUD's e.g. LambdaMoo (to preserve their history), if you are interested in helping then I would also like to hear from you.