18 May, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi all,

We're looking for staff for our d20 rules Star Wars MUD.

I'm not looking for people to fill specific positions unless they want to, but some of the stuff we will need done includes:
  • building levelling zones

  • building group zones

  • creating repeatable quests using our quest editor

  • creating storyline quests with our quest editor

  • editing help files

  • running events and rp one-shots for players

  • enforcing the rules amongst the playerbase

If you have any skills in doing any of these things, please contact me via email: gicker@@d20mud.com. You may also catch me on the MUD, but during work hours (EST) I am often afk.

The only things I really require from prospective staff is the following:

  • Be relatively friendly and positive minded

  • Be serious about helping, as your time permits

  • Be able to write a decent sentence in English

Also, I don't have minimum time requirements for general staff positions (for admins, yes, to some extent). If you can't log on for a few weeks, or even a few months, that's fine. I'd prefer to be kept in the know about it, but we all have things that come up in life, and some times we just want a break from MUDs to do other things. All I ask is that you put in the time that you can, and to let me know
about extended absences if you can.

As for the MUD itself, it is a role-play encouraged MUD, based off CircleMUD. It uses Oasis OLC and the TBAMUD quest editor. It is set in the Sith Wars Era of the Old Republic in the Star Wars Universe. Our current starting planets are Coruscant for Republic and Korriban for Sith Empire.

The d20 codebase has been in development since February 2005, and the Star Wars version started in mid January of this year. We've made a lot of progress, but there's still quite a lot to be done.

The playerbase is in a bit of a lull right now, though until this lull we were averaging 3-7 players online most of the time, and I expect we will get back to that in the next few weeks. Not huge numbers by any stretch of the imagination., but at least people to talk to.

Our current development outlook includes more group content, as well as dynamic content for both PvE and PvP. From a building standpoint, we are looking to create some group zones that players can tackle together for better rewards. Our help file system is another development priority.

Thanks to all who may be interested.

Owner & Lead Developer
d20MUD: Star Wars
23 May, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Things are slowly picking up again, which is nice. Still looking for staff. We've gotten a couple of new people to help out with the social/rp side of things, and it's been a blessing to have them with us. Especially hats off to you Zeus, you've helped give this MUD some life again.

We'll be pushing more towards a role play required system in the future, if that alter's anyone's desire to join us. It won't be role play enforced, but rather through code we'll be penalizing pure hack and slash play. Those who role play will excel the most in the game when we're done. We'll also include a whole bunch of role play oriented goodies. Also due to popular demand, we'll be finishing up the space system sooner than I anticipated. Apparantly it's been holding back a good number of people from playing or trying us out.

Cheers all,

23 May, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Also thanks to Igabod for his hard work on Kashyyyk the past week. Greatly appreciated :)