26 Apr, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 1st comment:
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d20MUD: Star Wars is a d20 rules Star Wars MUD set in the Old Republic Era, during the invasion of Revan, Malak and the Sith. We use a combination of d20, SAGA Edition and custom house rules in our codebase. We have a plethora of features, and are one of the most unique MUDs out there, especially in the Star Wars genre.

The code is very similar to d20MUD if you are familiar with that, but if not let's run down a few of the stock features in our heavily modified CircleMUD codebase.

- auto experience rewards for role playing
- detailed, clean-looking score sheet
- mentor system allowing you to group with any level
- optional pvp system
- ascii automap in room descriptions
- crafting system allowing you to create your own gear with custom stats and descriptions
- traditional, diku-style pulse based combat
- MSDP & MXP enabled code
- pet system allowing for mounts, pets and companions that can tank for you and offer additional attacks each round.
- multiclassing system
- menu based levelling process
- d20 feat, skill and spell/force power systems
- mob bounties awarding exp, credits and quest points
- coded quests, some of which offer unique storylines

The Star Wars version has all of this, plus some additional features:
- 6 base classes, force adept, scout, scoundrel, squad leader, soldier & trader (try saying that 5 times fast!)
- 18 base races and 1 advaced race (with more to come)
- 4 prestige class (weapon master, jedi knight, gunslinger, sith apprentice, more to come)
- taxi system for travel between zones (planets are too big for roads-only in our minds)
- shuttle system for travel between planets
- phase 1 of space system complete with purchasable ships usable to travel between planets
- 9 force powers to date (more to come)
- 4 planets, with 11 zones so far
- market ward area for selling objects to other players, saving over reboots
- item bank for storing and sharing gear between characters on the same account

So we've gotten a fair bit done in the 2 months we've been around, and there seems to be a fair bit of interest. My ongoing list for the next little while is:

- continue to fix bugs, tweak things for balance, etc. This is always ongoing
- add more zones. My goal right now is a small zone every few weeks, 50-100 rooms or so.
- start to add a few story based quests to both Coruscant and Korriban for starting players.
- Complete phase 2 of the space system: launching, hyperspace & space mechanics/movement
- Add more force powers and force techniques
- Add more prestige classes, such as force disciple, commando and bounty hunter

And that's about where we are to date. If you've stuck with me this far, I'm guessing I've at least piqued your interest. Come by and check things out. We also offer a GUI interface for MUSHclient, which can make playing easier.We're are http://www.d20mud.com.

Or if you just want to connect straight to the mud, it's direct.d20mud.com port 6000.


I am Gicker there. Feel free to look me up there, or ask your questions on the 'chat' channel. Keep in mind during the day I am at work and may be slow to respond. Our busiest times are late afternoon and early evening, Eastern
time zone. Role play hour is every hour that is a multiple of 3 (server time). Double exp rewards during this time for role playing.

See you on the MUD!

28 Apr, 2012, Igabod wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Looks like you need to update that info there. I see a few pieces of outdated info. But the one that caught my attention was the 1 prestige race. We have 3 now.

Everybody come give it a shot. Active pbase and imm staff. Gicker makes changes/additions/fixes quite frequently. And he actually listens to and takes the suggestions of us players. I have seen several changes which were suggested by me.
01 May, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Thanks Igabod. We have 4 though now actually. Weapon master, jedi knight, gunslinger and sith apprentice (which is complete now).

The pbase has been hurting the past week for some reason though.

I did do some rebalancing, and wonder if that had something to do with it. With the timers in on force powers now, I have made mobs a good bit easier. My level 28 jedi is now able to do the hunting grounds on dantooine, without force stun now, whereas previously, even before the timers, they hit too frequently to make it possible.

Also lower level mobs should be considerably easier, even for non optimal builds.
01 May, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 4th comment:
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Another thing I wanted to mention is that we have a huge, sandbox style character creation system.

There are 30 levels in total, and at any one of those levels you can pick on of 10 different classes. At level 10 you could potentially have 1 level in each class.

Each class has a list of feats that are specific to that class alone, plus a larger list of general feats that anyone can take, if they qualify. A feat is sort of like a talent from popular MMOs like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each has a different effect. Some might increase a certain statistic or skill, others might give you a whole new ability, or enhance an existing one. There are 238 feats in total at the time of this writing. You get 1 feat every level up to level 20, plus 1 feat every 3 levels in addition to that.

In total we have potential build possibilities in the millions, though there are certain feats that are much more useful than others. Either way it is a great system where you can create exactly the type of character you want to make, without being locked into a specific skill subset. And best of all you can redo your build at any time with the respec command.

The possibilities are truly endless. And there are new features being added every week.

So as Igabod says, come try us out. You won't find another MUD out there anything like us.