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Hey all,

I realize this is a bit of a strange request with the potential to fire off red flags for some people. I do hope it doesn't up as a flame thread, but here we go.

I am the owner and lead developer for a trio of MUDs, called d20MUD. The three MUDs are a Star Wars theme, a Dragonlance theme and a Forgotten Realm theme. I have placed my focus on the Star Wars theme, but have kept the other two online as there are people who play both, though not many.

I have combined the codebases for all three muds into a single code repository, using switches to display and parse various theme-specific information and game mechanics. The reason I did this was so that I didn't have to maintain 3 different codebases, as a lot of what I code applies to all three games. With this system, all code I add and bug fixes I do apply to all 3 games.

The bad thing is, while the Star Wars Game is doing relatively good for it's stage of development and age, the other two are suffering, simply because they aren't getting the admin attention they need.

And so I am on the lookout for people who have wanted to run their own MUD, but for whatever reason, most likely because they don't know how to code, haven't been able to do so successfully. I realize that you always have other options available to you. There are codebases out that that can allow a non coder to run a decent mud, but I still feel this may appeal to some people.

The main benefits you gain from this is the following:
- You get a dedicated coder to do the things you would like to see done to the MUD
- You get an established code base that is unique in the MUD world
- You get an existing, original world to start off with
- You have free reign to do pretty much as you please, with a few exceptions
-++- a) Code changes have to be cleared with me. Mainly because I'm the one who has to do them
-++- b) Building changes should stick with the theme and with d20 rules wherever possible
-++- c) Game rule changes have to be cleared by me. Mainly because the d20 'brand' is attached to my name, and I want to make sure the MUDs are being runh a certain way.
-++- d) I reserve the right to intervene in an extreme circumstance where many players or imms are complaining about specific individuals, be they players or imms. Same reason as previously

So what this ends up being, is essentially a situation similar to a business. I am the game's owner, but you are the game's general manager. I have a vision for the game that I want maintained, but you decide how to run and develop the game to achieve that vision.

I know a lot of people would balk at that completely, but I believe there are some out there who would be interested in it as well.

I do have a few requirements:
1) You need to be at least 18 years old. I need some semblance of maturity and life experience for this position. The older the better, but honestly guys, the vast majority of 30 year olds are far, far more mature than the vast majority of 18 year olds, regardless of the exceptions people can think of. (yes I've heard that retort before, as have we all I am sure. generally not the case)
2) You need to have the time to run a mud. You should be on 4-5 times a week for a few hours a day. If you can't, well you can still join the staff as an admin, but if you can't put in the time, I'll have to keep overseeing it myself.
3) You need to be a friendly, positive person for the most part. We all have our foibles, and our bad days, but I don't want to see a MUD where the admins are always invisible, and who see players as the enemy. In fact I will not tolerate that for a moment.

That's about it.

For more information on the MUDs themselves and the codebases see this post

Interested parties can post here, or email me at gicker@@d20mud.com

Or log into direct.d20mud.com port 6000 and look for gicker.


Owner and Lead Developer
d20MUD: Star Wars - direct.d20mud.com port 6000
d20MUD: Forgotten Realms - direct.d20mud.com port 7000
d20MUD: Dragonlance - direct.d20mud.com port 4000
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I should also mention, that the Star Wars theme does not need an admin. I am running that one. The Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms ones need admins. There is also the possibility that you can start your own theme from scratch using this codebase. I will host it, and it will be maintained by my codebase, but you would decide the theme and create the world for it. If that is your desire, let me know, so we can come up with something that works for both of us.
16 Apr, 2012, plamzi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I would cross-post this on TMC and TMS–looks to me like the vast majority of people coming here are coders.
17 Apr, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 4th comment:
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Already done on TMC, will do so on TMS as well sometime today. Thanks for the suggestion.
17 Apr, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 5th comment:
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Also, I should clarify:

This line:

-++- c) Game rule changes have to be cleared by me. Mainly because the d20 'brand' is attached to my name, and I want to make sure the MUDs are being runh a certain way.

Should read:

-++- c) Game rule changes have to be cleared by me. Mainly because the d20mud 'brand' is attached to my name, and I want to make sure the MUDs are being runh a certain way.
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Found all the help I need right now guys, thanks to those who expressed interest.