05 Apr, 2012, Soulcatcher wrote in the 1st comment:
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So. In the distant past, I spent a lot of time building, coding, and administrating in this codebase… but I have only vague sort of echoes about it, and if anybody else can answer a couple of questions for me, that would be tremendously appreciated.

1. And I remember this being a pain before, too. I want to change what the various levels of immortals are called. I know where the wizlist building function is in db.c, but although I have altered it to suit my purposes, the wizlist table the MUD builds is still… exactly as it was before. Second, and related to this same topic, is that I cannot recall at all where the code is housed that determines how immortal ranks are displayed on the wholist. I can probably find that, though, if nobody knows off the top of their heads.

2. I ask mostly because my patience is wearing thin with it. I have changed the names of certain clains, and it has completely wrecked my shiplist. I'd very much like to have colour-coded ships for my clans, and have the shiplist properly reflect membership in those clans. I have combed ship.c, and even though it appears to contain everything I need… I have thus far failed in my attempts to fix my ship list. Does anyone happen to know where I've gone wrong?

3. I simply cannot recall, so I will outright ask. Does anyone recall how planetary income works in this codebase? I know that the MUD identifies VIP flags placed on mobiles and associates them with a given area, but the feature is inactivated (or seems to be) in the codebase as it comes stock. Frankly, I'm not even sure where to look for this feature, as I'd very much like to repair it.

Thanks in advance.