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First of all, how in the hell did this topic blow up from what I originally posted? Everyone is going way off topic and derailing this thread into the void. :stare:

Secondly, the MUD has changed owners yet again, but for a good reason. The original owner and creator has came back to mudding and management over Devil's Silence. The original codebase that was shut down so long ago is now back online and has a new team continuing on it's development like the shutdown never happened. Thus, I encourage all to check it out because it will surely be a great game for PvP players alike.

New address - DSMUD.com Port 5000

Hades_Kane said:
Rarva.Riendf said:
I like the color I am used to

This simply boils down a good point as well that many people make time again over many different aspects of MUDing… People get used to something, and anything different from that won't do. People spend probably 95% of their MUDing life either trying to find (or make) a game that reminds them of their first/favorite MUD.

Lastly, I would say that out of all the comments, this one made the most sense on why it's important for a good color scheme or why colors are important to any game regardless if they are a MUD or not. Why? Because appearance matters to almost everything else in the world, so why would MUDs be any different? That's like saying it doesn't matter if you match your clothes in the morning to telling a web designer that color schemes of a web page doesn't matter and let's go with hot pink back ground with yellow text because your mom thought it looked hot!

How a game looks and feels does matter. Colors of a MUD is a big factor of how that game looks and feels too. It's not the most important aspect of the appearance, but it's something I would say requires some time and resources at some point to make it better in your eyes or even your players eyes. That doesn't mean you should spend 6 months coming up with the best color scheme possible or developing a nifty color customization system you could promote as a unique feature for your game. It just means it's important to the core design of your game and will be one of the core aspects of your game that your players relate to along with the other features you offer the end user.

I only say that because appearance in almost all games have been important. MUDs are no different in that regards. It's the base reason why certain players prefer certain directives than others. It doesn't mean that Circle is better than ROM, it just means that as players and as owners, we relate to the things we have the best familiarity with than others. In most cases, appearance is a major factor of how we relate to game and one of the main reasons why games generally follow a similar trend in how they adapt and look over time.