21 Feb, 2012, DemiGod wrote in the 1st comment:
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So I have been developing the ideas for this sci-fi game, HOPE - Voyage Embarked, for the past year as I also delved into 3D art programs, i.e. 3DS and ZBrush.

I was, at first, creating a MUD. I have since decided to make the game graphical for a few reasons. Most importantly, my opinion is that text games are dying - as much as I would not want that to be so. I simply love them but the overall MUD populations are too small for me to invest so much time and care into development.

But, I decided that I am going to go for something a little different. My aim here is to create the same ambiance of enforced roleplay and pull in many of the things that make a MUD so special, but simply add graphics to it. This may sound like it isn't possible, but that's what I am setting out to prove otherwise.

The reason I am posting this here is because I am looking for a programmer that would be interested in working with me 1-on-1 to start off. Obviously this needs to be someone pretty capable of making graphical games. I am posting on mudbytes because I believe that there are many of you here that share my passion for MUDs [obviously] and hopefully see the same potential for, what I consider, the next step in MUDs. A persistent, graphical universe that incorporates many traits of other MMO's [albeit very differently structured] as well as the roleplay and inter-person interaction elements that make MUDs so incredible.

I also have a few ideas on how to accomplish such goals, including smaller server populations, roleplay enforcement and a few other tricks.

I will be taking care of all the artwork and in-game models until it is decided to expand the group. I am only seeking one, capable programmer - the language is debatable, but I am anticipating the use of C# or C++ due to the use of those language in Unity, UDK and other game engines.

The website for it is here: http://zeno.biyg.org/~HopeServer/

There isn't a LOT of information there, but I will gladly discuss details more openly with someone that has an honest interest in the project. If there are some general questions I can answer here, feel free to post.

I hope I have struck a note with some of you.

Thank you for your time in reading this,


aim: arcubilis
msn: arcubilis@hotmail.com
21 Feb, 2012, Mudder wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Sounds cool. I would be interested in helping out during my free time. Assuming you're looking for a programmer due to time limitations and not because you lack the ability.

While not meeting your specifications, I do know C++ on an intermediate level and have a large level of interest in learning how to code a graphical game.
21 Feb, 2012, DemiGod wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I am looking for someone to do the coding due to my lack of ability.

I am responsible for all the content and 3D environment/objects/assets in game. The programmer would be responsible for creating scripts, etc. This essentially means taking the models and animations that I create and make the models perform those animations on command in the game engine. I'd be more than happy to discuss some details if this still interests you.

I do understand the nature of people's time so I am not looking for someone's full attention. Just some decent amount of time to begin turning the gears.
17 Apr, 2012, DemiGod wrote in the 4th comment:
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Just a quick update that we have a FB page up for a faster and more efficient way to get in touch with people interested in our project.


Please stop by and give us a "like" if you would like to see how we progress or if you would be interested in joining our staff at a later date when we once again are recruiting programmers and designers.