20 Nov, 2011, Liko wrote in the 1st comment:
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Drag(*)n Ball Z: World Universe is looking for builders. All skill levels will be accepted. Always willing to teach or help you understand more.
I'm currently using TbaMud 3.62.

Storyline: The Universe is set in a parallel one to DB/DBZ's Universe. With you the player exploring the universe and interacting with different players, npcs, and monsters. You set the storyline. You can leave a path of destruction, hunt for dragon balls, help people, the options will be limitless.

I'm really also wanting to focus on role-playing, questing, and a group experience as a whole for players. When it comes to equipment I'm going to try to keep it as balanced as it can be. Diversity is something I'll express to builders. Player Killing will also be involved in the game. When it comes to planet exploring each planet it should have its own feel and different age. Overall I want to make the mud as interactive as it can be. On a side note there will be no GT in this game.

Current Features:
Detailed Character Creation
Gravity Training
Weighted Training
New Ability System that allows players to learn abilities from either players, npcs, quests, or monsters.

Current and Future Plans:
Space Travel
Dragon Ball System
Dragon Radar
Abilities themselves

Now for Builder requirements;
1) Must have time to build. I'm in no rush to complete the game, but some work would be nice a week.
2) Good grammar is a plus.
3) Creative Ideas.
4) Working knowledge of Circlemud's OLC.
5) Knowledge of DBZ is a mud.
6) If you know dg scripts its a plus.

If interested please send an email to dbzwmud@gmail.com with the subject being Builder for DBZW and please include a sample room description.
The reason I'm not posting the addy/port is cause I just don't want someone to login the void and see puff and just logout right off the back.

I hope to hear from you,
Liko - Owner/Programmer

Have a good holiday.
20 Nov, 2011, Zeno wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I would be careful about using DBZW, people will get confused with the previous popular Dragonball Z World (and the remakes that exist).