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I am taking over an existing MUD with very little current player base. I am working on solidifying the code and ripping out all the old areas. As such, I need builders to build in a modern OWoD world. It is based in "The City" a fictional city that was previously held by the Camarilla until the cliche of they all disappeared.

Project Twilight started over 10 years ago and has been on a slow development process. However, I am now taking over and moving us to a new location and want to get the place really moving. We are a more political and roleplaying mud, though we have combat certainly available. Our player base is admittedly small, but I want to get us moving and groving again.

Not only that, but I need a Head Storyteller for our Garou. Our MUD has the ability to play Mortals, Vampires, and Garou. I am the head coder as well as the Head Kindred Storyteller, but I need someone who can run the Garou and help me get all the code for them in place. To clarify this part, they do not need to know how to code, but be able to tell me if something is working correctly when I do. This person needs to be able to help build and be able to help get the umbra descriptions of rooms in place as well. The werewolves are the least developed portion of the code and I need help from someone who knows the genre inside and out.

I am also looking for a Head Storyteller for our Mortals. Mortals are developed and have a number of things only they can do (such as run for public office). They can also be ghouled, embraced, or a number of other things.

The code is based on ROM2.4 but has been extensively modified. We have a number of features, such:

  • Support for mortals, Kindred, and Werewolves.
  • Combination of Original World of Darkness and Mind's Eye Theater rules (such as Influence actions).
  • Politics for mortals.
  • Ability to enter the Umbra for Garou.
  • OLC which has been modified to heck.
  • Ability to research and investigate different things.
  • Phones, Taxis, and Trains
  • Custom combat system (which will be being revised)
  • Jobs for players to pass the time.
  • Quest system (still being refined)
  • Rituals and Rites are still in the process of being worked on.

  • There are still things which need to be worked on, but I need staff to help me and help me find it. Any players interested in poking around are more than welcome to, but with the understanding that we are in Beta right now and not finished. Code updates do happen weekly, often several times a week. If you are interested in any of these positions or simply want to check us out, please stop by (brandonsplace.net 9080) and look me (Rayal) up. If you want to check out the web site, it is bare except for the RSS feed and our web connect feature (www.brandonsplace.net/projecttwilight/)

    Best Regards.
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    Just wanted to let people know we are still looking for more staff.