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Cypress by Night, an up-and-coming WoD themed MUSH, is currently looking for staff. Set in the fictional city of Cypress Creek, Cypress by Night is an immersive, RP-enforced, Camarilla-centric virtual tabletop world, with the ultimate goal of developing an intense web of intra- and inter-clan political intrigue and dynamics, with a rich cast of characters ranging from mortals, vampires, werewolves, mages, to infernalists (coming soon). We are currently looking for house-specific storytellers with interest in/experience with the WoD universe who think they have what it takes to contribute to the deepening of the shadows. Interested parties should submit a brief statement of clan(s) in which they are interested, level of storytelling/staff experience, and other details which they feel are relevant, to the admin at silverfoxcreative@gmx.com. We hope to see you soon, as night falls on Cypress Creek!