03 Nov, 2011, Hades_Kane wrote in the 21st comment:
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Ok, that's largely what I was assuming. Mostly, I was curious that a Diku derivative would be compatible with i3. I'll probably start looking into that. It'd be nice to have some conversation when the playerbase is kinda thin.
03 Nov, 2011, Cratylus wrote in the 22nd comment:
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Hades_Kane said:
It'd be nice to have some conversation when the playerbase is kinda thin.


While intermud is nice for technical help and stuff (and people do rely on it for that purpose), people who
approach it looking for valuable technical discussion are often disappointed and walk away. This is because
most of the time it's a social hangout to chat with like minded folks, and on occasion debate with unlike-minded
folks. "I can do that on IRC" is a common dismissal, and not wrong per se. The nice thing about social
interchat on a MULTI user domain is that it fits in with the general feel of a text game that is not a lonely place.

And of course, you can ask mud coders for opinions on your mud coder thoughts and problems, too.

03 Nov, 2011, Hades_Kane wrote in the 23rd comment:
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Been crawling the lpmuds.net site and can't seem to locate where I might get started on looking at implementing i3… Any suggestions on where I might find some documentation to get started looking into it?

On a side note, Mud Quest is still linked in the 'links' section and it's a dead link now, so don't know if that might want to be removed.

My apologies for hijacking the thread… should we split it?
03 Nov, 2011, Newt wrote in the 24th comment:
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Looks like this might be helpful: Diku i3
04 Nov, 2011, Runter wrote in the 25th comment:
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An easy route might be just using imc2 client to connect to i3 since it seems like that's possible.
04 Nov, 2011, David Haley wrote in the 26th comment:
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Yes, Crat's i3 server supports imc2 connections, and there are a few Dikus that do that already.
04 Nov, 2011, quixadhal wrote in the 27th comment:
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I prefer using I3 native, because IMC2 has issues involving the way it handles color codes, and how they interact with common URL characters. I adapted the old AFKMUD I3 code for WileyMUD, and if you want to see the changes, feel free to look here.
04 Nov, 2011, Hades_Kane wrote in the 28th comment:
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Appreciate the links guys! I'll get to looking over all of this :)
04 Nov, 2011, Scandum wrote in the 29th comment:
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If you're interested in trying something more decentralized with better prospects of growth you could look into Arachnos:


Only my test mud supports it for now, when KaVir gets around to adding Arachnos support to his snippet some other MUDs are likely to join. MSDP is an added bonus if you're interested in tactical interface support.
04 Nov, 2011, David Haley wrote in the 30th comment:
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Scandum said:
with better prospects of growth

I suppose that if you only have one test MUD using a protocol, your prospects for growth in percentage terms are indeed extremely high compared to a well-established network that has more than a hundred MUDs connecting to it.
16 Jan, 2012, thecircuitbox wrote in the 31st comment:
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Is IMC down for good?
16 Jan, 2012, Cratylus wrote in the 32nd comment:
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thecircuitbox said:
Is IMC down for good?

I don't know if OP ever got his problem fixed, since it went into private messages.

There's a chance your IMC2 client is misconfigured. The MudBytes IMC2 servers seem to be behaving somewhat oddly today, but at least one of them is up, as far as I can tell.

There is a different intermud network you can use, which is less dead, but I don't remember if I'll get banned for giving you the connection info.

16 Jan, 2012, thecircuitbox wrote in the 33rd comment:
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Server 1 is working for me. The others are not. But I went and joined I3/Dalet.