29 Oct, 2011, Orpheus wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey everyone,

I'm one of the owners of the Burning Post II, a sequel to the original Burning Post MUD from a few years back. We're a level-less, class-less online role-playing game set during a time period similar to the late middle ages.The game revolves around mages and the Inquisitors of the Holy Order of King Dav that hunt them, as well as race relations between the Church's 'favorite' people, the Lithmorrans, and the Vavardi with whom they were recently at war.

We're coming to the end of our Beta period, and would love for new players to join us! We have a decent player-base already (especially for a game that only opened to players a couple of months ago) but the more the merrier! If you like to RP, please check us out!

burningpost2.co.uk 4321

www.burningpost2.co.uk is our website, and contains a link to our wiki which contains some of our more essential help files!

Hope to see you in the game!