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Welcome to CyberASSAULT
new.cyberassault.org 11111

If you like guns, grenades, massive loads of equipment, all original
areas, melee or explosive combat, loads of quests, loads of quest
gear available as rewards or prizes for quest-points, active staff, cool
players, a fun atmosphere, interactive objs, custom items designed by you,
bionic devices, or anything of the sort we are be the mud for you!

Our theme is based off sci-fi/post apoc/pop culture

We offer 5 starting classes of Borg, Mercernary, Caller, Crazy, Stalker
and a few remort classes with huge benefits!

Explore areas like area-51, bladerunner, doom, the radiated desert,
the immortal museum, the hall of heroes (player legends), space-ghost,
mortal kombat, motown, the genetic-engineering facility, and hundreds more!

and find the many secrets that are just waiting for the savvy player.

we are always expanding our game and making it more fun for you, the player.
Come on in and see our "changes" command and give us some tips or become
one of our many CyberASSAULT addicts.

Up since 1992 as Circlemud/TbaMUD!

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