27 Sep, 2011, Realmsofvalor wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hail and well met, Adventurer!

Forget your mundane troubles of this world and follow my words to a distant land, a land where the world itself gleams with magic and the bravery of men can forge an empire as easily as cowardice can bring it down.
Rest your hands upon the globe, and there - do you see it? Shalizan, the land of a fierce people who rose up to fight the darkness back, a people who survived and persevered at the most dire of hours. The Lantar and his Legions, a thousand strong, keep the peace as all now labor to forge new realms - Realms of Valor.

Arantha: The Realms of Valor is a role-play required MUD that is inspired by the AD&D 2nd edition rules set and features the R.O.V MUD codebase, a heavily customized derivative of Circlemud 3.19 & Dikumud.

Game Features Include:

x Original campaign with medieval fantasy influences.
x Unique world of thousands of rooms, each with a one-of-a-kind description and lore.
x A variety of playable races, each with their own distinctive background and history.
x Traditional round-based combat with queued actions and spell casting.
x Spell memorization slot system for arcane and divine casters.
x A unique system of class abilities, weaponry and skills.
x Tactical room movement and interaction system.
x Dynamic naming database - you choose what to call those you meet.
x Randomly rolled treasure tables provide ever-changing monster loot.
x An array of roleplay-facilitating commands for the discriminating RPer.
x A comprehensive website that is fully integrated with the game.

What is Arantha like? Well, we're like a super chill party where you can spend most evenings and weekends gaming with people who are interesting, friendly, and pretending to be elves. Whether your inclination is towards good, neutral or evil, human, elf or otherwise, youll find a niche among our varied playerbase.

So why don't you come and join us?

arantha.net port 4000
06 Oct, 2011, qyrekii wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I just tried to log into the mud, but I can't seem to move past this part,

Commands are assign, remove, show, roll, done, help.
assign 15 int

Commands are assign, remove, show, roll, done, help.
Commands are assign, remove, show, roll, done, help.

- I can't do anything at that point, or hit done. It doesn't
prompt up anything to help me progress.
07 Oct, 2011, Realmsofvalor wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Hi qyrekii,

It possible you could have hit a bug in the roller. I'll take a look at it to make sure that the syntax is a little clearer.
You should get six different rolls, like this: 5, 17, 13, 7, 8, 15
You assign each one to an ability score like so:
assign str 13
assign dex 17


The roller screen should update with each of these commands. Only when all 6 are assigned will 'done' work and move you on to the next step in character creation.

Hope that helps, and thanks for trying us out!