25 Aug, 2011, Wik wrote in the 1st comment:
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Like the idea of moonlighting as a perfectly legit extradition agent working for an honorable government, with a hefty salary in exchange for keeping your white hat firmly on your head? Or enjoy the idea of using your ingenuity, people skills and economic sense to build a tropical refugee camp of 7500 into a thriving empire? These are two of the many positions were looking for on OtherSpace.

Fiach Pathfinder: Rather than hire bounty hunters to carry out Pyracan law in an interplanetary setting, Pyracan has a cadre on payroll for this purpose: a branch of the Alpha's Pathfinders called the Fiach. This group of 36 is subject to the strictest background, physical, psychological and behavioral tests, with only those with a perfectly clean record being accepted. The government then pays any fees to make the Fiach a legal extradition agent on all possible Commonwealth worlds, and heavily trains the individual in diplomacy, non-lethal capture, and planetary law such that every capture both respects the sovereignty of the host world and does not do undue harm to the suspect.

The Fiach is then paid a hefty salary, and may take other non-military work when not called upon by the Alpha to pursue and catch an individual or group for violations against the Pyracani. (S)he is required to keep a non-lethal capture weapon loaded at all times on their person except where expressly prohibited by law, maintain an upstanding and honorable personal life, and cannot be convicted of a felony or drug charge or be physically documented in the company of any person known to be convicted of a major felony (murder, attempted murder, rape, treason) except in the direct pursuit of a suspect. Violation of any of these points is grounds for termination.

Councilman/Businessman Empire-Builder: Eiru is a community of over six thousand mostly-human refugees and about 1500 shapeshifting fairy-like Riftwalkers on the northeastern corner of a 1850 square mile tropical island on Pyracan, and was given relative autonomy by the Pyracan government to make its own destiny on the island. It doesnt have much infrastructure save for a landing pad, desalination and sanitation, but with a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, a few good leaders could tap Eirus various resources to make this into the most interesting and popular faction in all of OS.

Were looking for a few community leaders with vision to help shape this community into something great. This would probably be businesspeople or city council members; people with enough clout and charisma to get this active rp group to help better themselves. Right now, they've been using empty barrels for their main docks for months - they really could use some direction.

Know how to rally a crowd? Like making rp for others? Enjoy small-town political maneuvering and city-building games like Sim City? We want you.

Do either of these concepts interest you? Head to OtherSpace at www.jointhesaga.com or log directly into jointhesaga.com:1790 .
11 Sep, 2011, Wik wrote in the 2nd comment:
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In addition to city leaders, the tropical refugee island of Eiru needs a variety of other positions to keep their tiny community self-sustaining. Of specific interest are the following:

*General Store Owner
*House builder

Eiru is interesting because while the overall setting's technology involves fusion, hovertech, nanites and FTL travel, the island is a slow, tropical glorified refugee camp with a large population of refugees from a medieval-era setting, so it tends towards more medieval professions. As the island grows, this may change, but now it's a nice change of pace. Interested? Head to OtherSpace MUSH here or log directly into jointhesaga.com:1790 , and talk to Wik, Sandrim, Sahna or Lyddmull.
24 Sep, 2011, Wik wrote in the 3rd comment:
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While we've gotten a few good replies and things are chugging along, Eiru is really in need of a carpenter. Anyone interested in woodmaking/building would get a lot of rp for at least several months if not a year or two as we build docks, stables and new buildings for businesses and government. They'd also have access to Eiru's raw materials to play the OS Dominion resource game so they can make money during off rp hours building boats and other wooden goods for our community.

Interested? Head to OtherSpace at OtherSpace MUSH or log directly into jointhesaga.com:1790 , and talk to Wik, Sandrim, Sahna or Lyddmull.
27 Sep, 2011, Ludwig wrote in the 4th comment:
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wat? how does woodmaking work (ooc please)?

Also, I'm very interested in what "LG" means.
01 Oct, 2011, Wik wrote in the 5th comment:
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So sorry! I thought I had this set to notify. Woodworking works in that we have crafting that makes wooden goods. Might need some mechanical knowledge, too, in order to make boats. You get lumber-types to sell you wood (or synthetics), and you use it, plus schematics to make items to sell.

And LG is lawful good. The Pyracani are very honorable creatures.