19 Aug, 2011, Kalisto wrote in the 1st comment:
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So heres the deal, theres a million and two Dragonball mu*s i'm tired of it so im making a mud inspired by the anime bleach, Its based off AFKmud(right now bone stock,but i just got my hosting today) , i owned/coded a popular mud before known as Dragonball Legends, we were the top dragonball mud on mudconnect for a while, even as a DBS clone*(but albeit with tons of modifications) but i just kinda got burnt out on dragonball muds(after so long, who can blame me?)
So i decided want to go with a bleach mud… full bleach for purists
i need staff heres a list, Head Admin, RP admin, at least 3-5 builders, that can actually build and a coder ( this is a big project and i dont think i can take on the coding by myself :) ) but if you think this is something you would be up for you can contact me in several ways, emails(kalisto2002@gmail.com or DbLegendsMud@gmail.com) Skype (Kalisto_darkblood) or stop by and check us out frostmud.com:8120

Bleach: Revival