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e you looking for a place where you can have a real impact on the world, where you can immerse yourself in a deep and rich game, or simply a place where you can find other people to go adventuring with? Are you looking for a new mud to call home?

ConQUEST is a leveless, classless mud that starts you off in the town of Moonhaven, a small frontier town on the borders of civilization. You arrive as an adventurer, with the job of exploring and taming the wilds. But be warned, the wilderness is harsh and unforgiving and will defend itself! Combat is driven by player skill. Choose a selection of skills and statistics that fit your playing style, and then master it. If you don't like what you've picked, tweak it or choose new skills and stats at any time, without penalty. You can also craft magical equipment that gives you new combat abilities to diversify your tactical options.

ConQUEST focuses on small-group content (2-3 players). If you prefer to play alone, hire mercenaries to fight with you. ConQUEST offers rich gameplay for exploration-, combat-, and crafting- minded players. Explore the wilderness and hunt down elementals. Craft magical equipment out of their essences. Delve into dungeons to find new magical recipes. Explore lairs created by other players, looting items they have placed there for yourself!

If you want to prove how amazing you are, take part in our weekly conquests. Instanced scenarios have been designed for players to test their limits: see how long you can defend the city's gates from waves of increasingly stronger goblins and ogres. If precision is more your style, breach the tower of an evil wizard and kill key guards on your way to finding him and stopping him from completing the Doomsday Ritual. Conquests reward players once a week based on performance.

Crafting also plays a very large role in ConQUEST. All items beyond the starting town are player-crafted, and all resources are readily available if you can figure out how to beat the monsters that carry them. Make quality goods and sell them in your shop, or fill purchase orders for primary goods other players are requesting. Any item you create will bear a mark with your name so all players will know who to talk to if they want similar quality goods.

If you would like to play a game that focuses on player skill rather than repetition and grind, ConQUEST is a mud you will want to look at. The depth and options provided by our combat and crafting systems will give the most resourceful of players years of entertainment.