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ConQUEST has been in development for about 7 years now. It is a rich mud that offers a unique twist on many common features such as dungeons, combat, and crafting.

ConQUEST is a classless, levelless mud. The power difference between beginner and veteran players is very small, meaning you can jump right into the endgame within a couple hours of playing. But don't think this means there isn't much to do!

Player progression focuses on creating powerful items with our detailed crafting system. Valuable resources and recipes are challenging to acquire! Each monster is a puzzle; figure out how to beat dungeon bosses and renown monsters to obtain precious components and powerful recipes.

We take a unique approach to dungeons. While there are a handful of pregenerated dungeons to raid, most dungeons in game are player-created and operated. Each player has the ability to create a lair, where they can store treasure they have found or created. The longer treasure stays in your lair, the more powerful it becomes. However, other players and NPC mercenaries will come and try to loot your lair! So populate it with monsters and guards you have managed to find in the wilderness, or set traps you have crafted, and keep your posessions safe. Be warned that monsters have finnicky personalities – you will quickly learn it is a balancing act to try and appease all of the monsters working in your lair!

Combat is a large part of ConQUEST, and we offer a fast-paced, detailed combat system where players chain actions together to form devastating combos, and initiate well-timed defenses to avoid incoming attacks. Players choose from over 300 skills and spells to customize your character's combat style. ConQUEST encourages customization and experimentation. Whenever players are in town, they are able to retrain their skills and stats to refine or completely change how they fight. We also allow players to save preset groups of skills and equipment, so you can effortlessly alternate between two, or five, our fifty different builds you like to commonly use.

Best of all, ConQUEST is constantly being updated with new content and changes that make your game experience more enjoyable. Submit bugs and ideas, which will be addressed as quickly as possible. You can also take your hand at submitting ideas for new crafting recipes or monsters. If they are implemented, you will get a free copy of the recipe for your crafting book, or monster for your lair.

We are located at telnet://conquest.sdmud.com:5000