10 Jul, 2011, Wik wrote in the 1st comment:
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(Like to make military miniplots for your friends? Then the MCV Alopex really wants you.)

There's war coming in OtherSpace, and a warrior race of bipedal fox/wolves (Pyracani )is likely going to play a big part in the coming conflict. To that end, I created the destroyer MCV Alopex. It's a 700 meter pocketknife, with a big gun, turrets, missiles, a dozen fighters, and a complement of 250 space marines in a little make-your-own-airlock class of APC, the Gazriki, designed to be able to take on a wide variety of tasks so we don't miss any rp during the conflict. This ship has around 30 rooms, designed for interaction between the various groups and rp cross-pollination.

That's where you come in. I have 90, count 'em, 90 spots open for crew on this ship (actually, 78 left as of this writing). They're listed here if you'd like to see them: MCV Alopex . These positions are open to any Pyracan resident, whether a human rifted into our story from some point in human history (probably the easiest way to get involved without having to learn any backstory), and now a refugee on Pyracan, a Pyracani, or even a member of our Falari
and Hekayti minorities.

Head/Senior-ranked priority will be given to those who: A. has their character enrolled in the military, as opposed to a contractor, B. Are interested and/or have demonstrated an ability to make rp for others, and C. are a Pyracani. That said, we aren't going to turn serious offers away. You'd either be a member of the military with all the privileges and responsibilities of that role, or a contractor, having signed various loyalty and confidentiality papers. I'm expecting a good deal of social/socializing rp in addition to the normal military stuff, and we'll have generous leave time.

Interested? Log on to jointhesaga.com: 1790 or come to www.jointhesaga.com and talk to Wik'ikik or Rynnkk, to be a part of the fun and an integral part of the war against the Zarists. I'm recruiting hardest for people who can make rp for others, as experience has shown that that's the way to make the Alopex an exciting place to play. I hope to see you there.
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The MCV Alopex is currently looking for a scientist or two to assist in the invention and creation of new and creative weapons to help in the war. Feel like being a part of the Manhattan Project IN SPAAAAACE?! We're looking for you.
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Like to blow things up? The Alopex has positions open for gunners and space marines, as well as engineers and scientists to make stuff that blows things up. Interested? See the link above.

Is your rp clique interested in a change of scenery, especially into engineer/science rp, marine rp, or even janitorial rp? The Alopex will now accept group bios for groups up to 5 who are comfortable rp'ing together, for assignment together on the warship. You'll still need to write up a desc, though. Apply in-game.
12 Aug, 2011, Wik wrote in the 4th comment:
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As I can't figure out how to edit yesterday's post, here's an expansion on it.

Alright, we have a good group of 23 players, and continue to expand to fit the ninety roles. That said, I'm looking for a few more things.

First, we have a strong group of rp'ers in our group of brainiacs who'd enjoy a few more members in their attempts to upgrade the ship and invent new stuff to defeat the Zarists. If you'd like to play a scientist, computer-type or actual engineer, you'd be entering a very friendly group of zany but logical people with doctorates. If you like the energy of a warship on campaign without actually having to act militarily or stick your neck out, this is the group for you.

Second, we're looking for rp cliques of 2 to 10 to move into the fighter group, marine group or gunnery group. We have a load of wonderful resources to assist your rp, many strong rp groups within the ship to rp with, and several solid rp-creators to keep you busy, but it'd be nice to have roleplayers that are already comfortable in their social rp with each other to keep each other active during their down time, whether it's playing war video games together in the lounge, smoking together in the smoking room, refining their craft on the shooting range, hitting the gym, building trinkets in the workshop, gazing at the stars in the observatory, chatting at meals, doing pilates in the Launch Bay, whatever. We allow generous leave time as well, if your group wants to experience some civilian rp. And of course, you get the benefit of a group that can work together as they're kicking butt in their fighters, storming an enemy ship, or bringing their turrets to bear in the heat of battle. I'll consider group bios as well, making it easier than ever to make the transition. That said, single applicants will be welcomed with open arms.

Third, the auxiliary staff. 'What?' you ask. 'You're recruiting for cooks and janitors?' Yup. Our cook and janitor currently are amazing rp creators, and have a tendency to get into amusing problems/adventures, and would definitely benefit from a few cohorts/partners in crime. Feel like threatening unnecessarily dirty off-duty crew with cleaning products? Like to hide six foot feathered velociraptors in the walk-in pantry for their fresh eggs? This is your group. Yet another group that benefits from the energy that comes from a military ship without having to live the military lifestyle.

Fourth, I'm looking for a Pyracani chaplain. This is a group of varied races under the banner of an extremely white-hat, honorable race, and we need someone to help keep morals and morale up. This is not somebody with a ruler and guilt trips, bringing down justice from an angry god, and this is not someone in a political role, using this as a stepping stone to something bigger. This is someone with a deep sense of social justice and genuine desire to help people, sans-stick up the butt. Their central tenets basically boil down to the Golden and Silver rules, and they're only as good as how well they live out those tenets themselves. Those who aren't getting their hands dirty in making their congregants' lives better are challenged to single combat by as many people as it takes until one beats him, and thus force his ouster from the priesthood.

Last, and I cringe to ask this, but low to middle management. We've had two middle managers stop showing up after working to get the position, and that's not something I tolerate. I adhere closely to the rule that leadership is for those who can consistently create rp for their underlings. If you're not keeping your group active with activities a few times a week, even if it's just going for a jog around the ship or brainstorming tactics to use while in battle, then you don't deserve to be a leader. This typically means we recruit from within, but this time, I'd like to leave the door open for exceptional outsiders just to see what we get. If you can provide at least three logs of rp scenes you've created, give me a proposal for scenes to run with your underlings, and talk to me for a while so I can get a feel of the way you do business, I may have a few leadership positions open for marine trainers, team leaders (of five man marine teams or a Spec Ops team), an enlisted head scientist, doctor, or computer-type, or even a flight commander or special ops commander if you absolutely knock me off my feet.

Interested in any of these? Head to Getting Started - OtherSpace: Encycloped... to get started, head to MCV Alopex - OtherSpace: Encyclopedia Ga... for more info on the ship and crew, or just head straight to jointhesaga.com:1790 to start playing. I look forward to hearing from you.