04 Sep, 2017, atolmasoff87 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi all,

I've got a ROM / RoT hybrid code I'm working on. There is a bunch of additions, such as extended classes, dual classing, multiple tiers, rank based clan system, item classes and a chakra system for casters. A variable code for builders to add in some basic level scripting for their areas. Plus much more.

I'm looking for some folks who wouldn't mind helping me test these systems, start re-working existing areas to fit within the building guidelines, etc. There's a lot of work, but I'm in no major rush. I poke away at it a couple hours a night when my day wasn't too killer. Work outside during the day, so some days I'm more active than others. I feel there's enough to start building a playable game around.

So in short, looking for people to help me re-build/build new areas as well as test them. Casual place looking for folks who want to find some cool people and have a good time!

If you're interested, or have any further questions feel free to hop and and ask away.

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14 Sep, 2017, atolmasoff87 wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Just a update on the post:

Got a few bugs fixed w/ new chars and some other minor bugs.

So goal #1 for me right now is to go through existing areas and tune them up. Weapons and Armor have guidelines and a balance system setup. All zones need all items re-worked to fit within this new guideline.

Armor classes have also been added, so additional gear per zone will need added appropriately. Getting a couple builder will help us move along and tweak our systems as needed.

Our dynamic description and variable code will also allow builders to add 'in-zone' quests. assigned by in MUD scripting. I'm working up some online documentation for builders to learn how to utilize these features.

So if you're looking for some light work, and hang 'round with some folks. Drop in. Causal place. I don't like to make my MUDs feel like a 2nd JOB, it's a hobby and a way to pass some time. I don't expect you guys to kill yourselves either. Enjoy yourself, be creative, and let's make something fun!

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