24 May, 2017, Fyresoul84 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello Mudbytes

I have always found MUDs to be an amazing thing, and to this day I LOVE the idea of creating a MUD world. I have spent months doing what little planning I could without programming skills designing worlds. I think I have about 6 or 7 different game ideas with maps, charts for hp/damage and random items, mob strengths, NPCs, Quest lines ect. But I never get to take them anywhere.

I just have never been able to self teach myself C or C++ programming. Ive purchased many books and always run into the issue of having questions but no way to answer them, or when I do find solutions through google, it is worded as if I already understand why the corrections are made or how they're supposed to be implemented.

I have been reluctant to ask questions on MUD forums, in this area. I've not always had the best interactions with people in MUDs.

I do a lot of building over the last 15 years and I've picked a code base I enjoy and I build on my own with the base project files that came with the code I selected. I very much enjoy the Asgardian Nightmare v3.1 code base, as it offers a lot of what I like right off the bat.

Part of why I want my own project and to find a Programmer / Coder, is because many things I personally find enjoyable, like Tiers and Remorts, Quest Gear, Class Gear Sets, Group Mobs, using Colors, I dont care about repeat room names or copied descriptions which many dislike, I like really tough final Tiers like the Avatar from Beyond Exiled which needed millions to level and only gained 10 experience a kill where it takes time to max out but the rewards are amazing. The list goes on. Man if I could get the BE code >.<

I think having my own project would be a way to make a game that encompasses all the things I have liked from MUDs throughout the years. I just dont have the experience to program and code the project, which I guess is all the project is. Unfortunately all I can do is come up with what I want to see and want in the game, write it on paper or in text files and I can Build the areas and plan out and design.

"Its not about what you like its about what the players want" many people say. I AM a player, and I think if I build a game based around what I like to enjoy people will play it also. This is already a limited base of people who even seek out text games anymore.

This is a passion for me, and I feel if I put my passions and enjoyment into a game, people would play it, even if just for a little while.

I am looking at hiring a Programmer or Coder, but the websites have been slightly terrifying as I cant simply message someone, the button immediately says "Hire" and requires a price range. How can I know if the programmer WANTS the project before asking? How can I know its value before speaking to said programmer about the project and how big I intend it to be?

So I am curious if anyone has hired a programmer to write or modify C/C++ game code for their game project?

What website do you trust, if any?

Should I look on forums like Mudbytes, MudConnector or Gammon for a Programmer?

What would you, if youre a programmer, ask for in terms of payment for a project?

Thank you all or anyone who took the time to read my post as I tend to be longer winded than people like.

I am so very grateful for any information and replies you can offer.