10 Feb, 2017, Hades_Kane wrote in the 1st comment:
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No one follows directions, anymore, do they?

How about a MUD where you can choose to ignore the directions of conventional wisdom on what a traditional role for any given race or class is, and build your character however YOU want to? Sure, you'll still have a list of what skills are available, but there's enough flexibilty built into the skill lists and the lack of an effective stat cap that you can make a Mage that focuses on PWR and combat strength with buffs that can give you more damage output than a Fighter. While Knights are skewed more toward tanking, you can focus on their magic side, their offensive side, or balance both and not worry a thing about a support role.

The playerbase and activity are a bit thin right now, but we go through seasonal / periodic spurts of greatly increased activity, and that's what I'm trying to generate now.

The MUD is End of Time, a heavily modified ROM that aims to give you the feeling of playing an old JRPG in the vein of Final Fantasy or the Chrono Trigger/Cross series. The bulk of our game world and history is a cohesive mesh of various elements from those game series, but familiarity with those games are in no way necessary to play, enjoy, or understand the game and is only marginally helpful in limited scenarios.

We have a large, rich world with over 160 complete areas, most of which linked together by a nice sized, well designed overland world map. The game is very feature rich, with plenty to both inside and outside of combat. There are several mini games and areas designed specifically for the purpose of killing time outside of gaining exp. Speaking of exp, there are multiple ways to gain experience than just killing mobs, including nearly every skill usage bonuses exp, many quests give exp upon completion, and more.

Again, there isn't much activity, but there's plenty to do solo and I hope we can start drumming up some activity.

We have a few more areas coming up in the not too distant future, and the next code project is a system of being able to gain and highly customize a follower to act as a group member as an additional optional for solo play.

Come check us out!

End of Time
host: eotmud.com
port: 4000