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Aragond is a fantasy medeival dungeons and dragons based mud built on QuickMUD which is of the ROM flavor of codebases/muds. This project has been underway for around 15 months now, with many major improvements and additions having been complete. Despite having had issues retaining builders, we have still created several completely original areas (having stripped the mud of it's stock content). This post, however, is not for builders.

Instead, what I am looking for, are a couple of different positions, which need desperately to be filled, in order for the growth of this MUD to continue. Being that I am clumsy at best when dealing with the creation of websites, I could really use a web designer that can give the mud a more professional feel. Applicants need to be able to provide proof of their abilities beforehand, and can email a resume detailing this to drew.haley@gmail.com. I cannot pay one to do this, but I can offer in game incentives, which may be discussed during the interview.

Secondly, I am looking into bringing on a second coder. Up until now I have been the only one, and I have managed to get a mountain of features and mechanics finished, but I feel it's time to bring someone else on, to speed up the process. There are several gameplay mechanics I'd like to get finished before we officially move out of alpha and into beta, but with real life taking my time, I've been limited from my original 15-20 hour coding days to ~3. Despite having my time hacked to pieces I do log in every single day and check up on the place. One interested in this position must be adept with C/C++ and be able to reference their abilities in some way. Previous knowledge of Dikurivates (Rom, Smaug, Envy, etc.) is a plus. Resumes can be sent to drew.haley@gmail.com.

Finally, I am looking for a creative director, someone who can work independently creating backstories for each race, region, etc… This person must be able to prove their capabilities in writing, not only grammatically, but also cohesively. In this position I will be working closely with you (doing some of the writing as well), finishing to flesh out the world map, generate towns, quests, and campaigns. This position will require you to learn the OLC to some extent, as we have a detailed, unique quest editor built in.

For the interested coders, below is a brief outline of the major implementations I would like to finish before moving into beta:

Finish fleshing out monks, fighters, paladins, and druids. (more/different skills/abilities).

Finish crafting (Some of it is done, like alchemy. The basis for smithing/tailor/gemcrafting is in).

A random dungeon generator.

Finish fleshing out the random area generator (like a wilderness maker).

Finish accounts.

Flesh out the faction/society system a bit more, currently each society rank has enumerated powers which allow them to do certain things (build on land, demote people, promote them, outcast them, set tax rate, etc…), this needs to all tie together.

Finish converting the rooms to cartesian coordinates, meaning each existing area will need to be pruned to form a coherent grid-like structure, which will pave the way for good looking in game maps, ranged combat, distinguishable altitudes for players and objects, etc..

More interactivity with objects (currently you can push, press, pull, pry them), glass shatters when dropped, etc…. More of this is necessary to provide a more lively environment. I want to head in the sandbox route, where people can clear an area, build their own house, and plant crops if they so choose. Some of this is already in or under way, but it definately needs more fleshing out.

If any of this interests you, I can be contacted in game at aragond.com port 9000 or via email at drew.haley@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for your time.