03 Jan, 2007, Guest wrote in the 1st comment:
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The site has undergone another major update. Though you probably noticed this already. :)

Highlights of this update:

* There is a brand new wiki-style articles section for posting articles, howtos, general information, and probably some other things we haven't thought of for it yet.
* The pastebin has been given a major overhaul and should be far more useful. Complete with Geshi syntax highlighting.
* File comments have been vastly improved and now operate as a sort of mini-forum complete with proper topic and reply support.
* Files now have optional bug trackers to document issues with uploads. Existing submissions will need to be updated to enable these.
* The sidebar layout has been revamped and now offers more space, as well as more information overall. The only drawback is it requires javascript to function fully.
* You can now view tar.gz archives, and zip archives directly from the site. Download the individual files, and view the individual files in the pastebin.
* Several other minor bugs throughout the code and skin have been fixed as well.