23 May, 2010, Parhelion wrote in the 1st comment:
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Well, I'll just get to the point.

I am looking for either a willing mentor or a skill-trade agreement with another, more-skilled developer who can teach me some concepts in return for grunt work (such as writing, contract building, moderating, or minor bug fixing).

I am attempting to design a new mudlib that will be intended for use with DGD, using the kernel lib as a starting point. However, I have never taken on such a large project before, and there are a lot of things that I am still learning about, particularly dealing with networking and a few other deeper topics. So far, I have been using Phantasmal's examples and documentation to learn more about what I'm doing and it's been extremely helpful and enjoyable.

At this point, we are only in the "design" phase. I have done very little coding outside of trying out new things and tinkering with ideas to see what I can learn practically; most of the efforts into this project have been to lay down the foundation only, but I believe that foundation is quite strong.

Please note, this post is NOT describing a hired-on permanent coder; in fact, I do not expect this person to do a bit of work. They are instead a person whom I can trust, and someone who may eventually develop a strong interest in the project itself. They would be someone who knows their stuff, and would be willing to give critique on design or code ideas that are bound to fail or prove to be unnecessarily difficult. They should be willing to discuss concepts on memory management, file systems, and networking/protocols, or provide direction on where to find quality information, but are not expected to write code.

Basically, he will be a patient, open-minded, "go-to" guy to help me along.