11 May, 2010, Cooldown wrote in the 1st comment:
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As the title says, we're looking for a coder to help us on our way. We have a SMAUGFUSS 1.9 codebase that is fairly stock except some modifications I've managed to fumble my way through. We are a Naruto themed mud with several builders.
18 May, 2010, Cooldown wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Things have changed and we are no longer using SMAUGFUSS and have a full time coder. Now we are looking for exceptional individuals looking to help on a unique mud that is being developed using Ruby. We need several people to fill a number of roles. There will be a weekly meeting to discuss ideas and other things. The mud is running on a dedicated server with its own dedicated domain. The mud will be Naruto themed. We are aiming to be the best Naruto mud out there, as the others fall short by a long shot. Many things in our mud will belong only to our mud, including the combat system, class system, and more. We have a full time coder, and several builders already. What we need is area planners, idea people, graphics designer, and web designer. Any exceptional applicants will be thoroughly considered. Being a fan of Naruto is not a requirement, but it will be a mud that appeals to them. The final result will be a great mud for everyone that enjoys great gameplay and ninjas. Anyone interested can stop by and check it out:

narutomud.com port 4000

Thank you for your time.