10 May, 2010, Hakuten wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello everyone, those of you that have been doin the dragonball mud scene for a long time probebly know my name, i have been mudding/building since back when DBZ World first opened. I am currently the head builder/co-owner of Dragonball Resurrection of Truth. I am always adding more areas to the mud and our main coder is constantly tweaking the code for improvement. It is really a fun mud to play with staff that is always willing to help, and I will always droip what im doing to help a player. IN all honesty i will say that with a high playerbase i truely beleive we would be the best. Anyway a great mud requires dedicated players, and all it takes is a couple to stick with it so when others stop by to check out the mud they dont see an uninhabited mud, and were always willing to listen to new ideas. Anyhow please stop by and check us out at
    dbrt.yourmud.net port 4002
. mention this post and i will grant a bonus of your choice whether it be powerlevel boost equipment or cold hard cash.
Thank you,
Co-Owner DB:RoT
10 May, 2010, snwclown wrote in the 2nd comment:
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the addy is hakuten dbrt.yourmud.net port 4002 simple mistake yall