24 Jan, 2010, ChaoticOna wrote in the 1st comment:
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Come and join our friendly staff and players at Crossroads, where there is tons of fun for everyone! Crossroads staff is small but dedicated; Kira, Maxxus and Haden have been working on it for years. Coded in C, this highly modified ROM mud's theme is fantasy (with a pinch of silliness to taste). We have hack and slash, roleplaying, quests and other games. Ideas are heard and often implemented, because we are always looking to make the MUD more fun for YOU, the player.

Some of our features include:

*14 races including Neko and Triton with 2 more being added
*Awesome new classes such as

~Battlemage ~Brawler
~Gladiator ~Duelist
~Shieldmaster ~Blademaster
~Beastmaster ~Mindflayer
~Guildedblade ~Oracle
~Illusionist ~Stormbringer
~Hexartist ~Mangler
~CrystalConjurer ~Poisonblade
~Shadowkin ~Nightblade

..and lots more!

*Original in game quests
*Lots of original areas
*Death mob rolls
*Campaign mode
*Foraging system
*Crafting system
*Scrabble (a completed word can give more than 200qp!)

We hope to snag some new players and see them around more often. Bring your friends and spend some time checking out Crossroads! We have been around for years and will be around for years to come. Please make us your new home.

We are also welcoming builders who would like to join our team.

Please join the fun at ftg.homeip.net port 1234

24 Jan, 2010, Idealiad wrote in the 2nd comment:
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ChaoticOna said:
*Campaign mode

What is this?
24 Jan, 2010, elanthis wrote in the 3rd comment:
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The kids get chicks, hunks, booze, and milkshakes? Wow, I thought Nintendo was a great babysitter! :)
25 Jan, 2010, ChaoticOna wrote in the 4th comment:
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Campaign mode are like autoquests except you have more targets to hunt down and more of a reward. :cyclops: